Outside Scholarships

Many private organizations offer scholarships and fellowships to graduate students in all fields. The UCLA Graduate Division offers an excellent resource for finding these external awards. Their database of external scholarships is called GRAPES (Graduate & Postdoctoral Extramural Support). Students may find an excellent scholarship opportunity. The GRAPES database can be found here:


Simply click on the GRAPES Search Form link (or go directly to the search form: http://www.gdnet.ucla.edu/asis/grapes/search.asp). You can specify many different criteria to find the right scholarship (Note: the business-related scholarships are located under the Discipline of "Management" and not "business").

Please keep in mind that each scholarship has specific criteria and you may or may not be eligible to apply. Every awarding organization is different and we cannot guarantee that you will either be eligible or, if you are eligible, be awarded the scholarship.

In addition to GRAPES, there are a number of other external scholarship databases on the internet. Here is a short list:

Best of luck finding and applying for these external scholarships. If you are awarded an external scholarship, please inform the EMBA/FEMBA Financial Aid Office so that it can factored into your financial aid eligibility.