Loan Entrance Interview

For students planning to borrow federal student loans, a loan entrance interview is mandatory. If you do not complete your loan entrance interview, your financial aid will be denied.

To complete the loan entrance interview:

  1. Go to and select Debt Management from the left menu
  2. Follow the instructions and choose Graduate/Professional Student (UCLA Campus)
  3. Answer "YES" to the federal loan option
  4. Click on the link for EdTe$t Online Loan Counseling
  5. On the drop-down menu, choose the state of California and the school of UCLA - Los Angeles
  6. You will need your Student ID, your Social Security Number, and Date of Birth to begin the test
  7. The exam is in three parts, Stafford w/ Graduate PLUS, Perkins, and UCLA. All three parts must be taken to get credit for the exam
  8. After completing the exam, click on Submit Results to receive credit at UCLA
  9. Print out the confirmation copy for yourself. UCLA will receive an electronic confirmation that you completed the process

Contact the UCLA Loan Services Office at (310) 825-9864 and choose Option 8 if you have problems with the exam. An email is sent 24-48 hours of a failed attempt at the exam with instructions on completing the skipped sections.