Changes in Status

Financial aid students must notify the EMBA/FEMBA Financial Aid Office in writing of changes of enrollment and fee status regarding:

  1. Leave of Absence
  2. Medical Leave
  3. Withdrawal from program
  4. Academic Probation
  5. Enrolled in more or less of the standard quarterly unit load
  6. Tuition in excess of the stated standard quarterly fee
  7. Tuition less than the standard quarterly fee
  8. Acceleration Plan

Any changes in any of the above categories will affect your financial aid award, financial aid disbursements, grace period and repayment plan with your student loan lender. All notifications must be in writing. It is the responsibility of the student to keep a current address, phone number and email on file with UCLA and your student loan lender. Students must notify the EMBA/FEMBA financial aid office 30 days prior of any change in status.