FEMBA Calendar


FEMBA Academic and Administrative Calendar*    2008-09

Fall Quarter 2008

Leadership Foundations (FEMBA Class of 2011)                                                         September 9-13
FEMBA program instruction begins                                                                               September 25
MBA program instruction begins                                                                                    September 29
Veterans’ Day Holiday                                                                                                       November 11
Rescheduled holiday classes                                                                                             November 14
Thanksgiving Holiday (no classes Thursday thru Saturday)                                November 27-28
MBA program instruction ends                                                                                        December 5
FEMBA instruction ends                                                                                                    December 6
GAP Final Presentations                                                                                               December 6
MBA program final exams                                                                                                  December 8-12
FEMBA program final exams                                                                                             December 8-13
Christmas Holiday                                                                                                             December 24-25
New Year’s Holiday                                                                                                           December 31, January 1
Campus Closure                                                                                                               December 24 – January 1

Winter 2009

FEMBA program instruction begins                                                                                    January 3
MBA program instruction begins                                                                                         January 5
Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday                                                                                          January 19
Rescheduled holiday classes                                                                                             January 23
Presidents’ Day Holiday                                                                                                    February 16
Rescheduled holiday classes                                                                                             February 20
FEMBA program instruction ends                                                                                       March 13
MBA program instruction ends                                                                                           March 13
FEMBA program final exams                                                                                             March 14-20
MBA program final exams                                                                                                  March 16-20

Spring 2009

Cesar Chavez Holiday                                                                                                       March 27
FEMBA program instruction begins                                                                                    March 28
MBA program instruction begins                                                                                         March 30
Memorial Day Holiday                                                                                                       May 25
Rescheduled holiday classes                                                                                             May 29
MBA program instruction ends                                                                                           June 4
FEMBA program instruction ends                                                                                       June 5
MBA program final exams                                                                                                  June 5-11
FEMBA program final exams                                                                                             June 6-12
Commencement (Class of 2009)                                                                                         June 12

*Includes general MBA quarter dates.
FEMBA calendar subject to change, last updated TB 7-9-08.