We wanted to post some of the freqently asked summer questions, and answers,  here.

Bruin Card, when do we get?
A Bruin Card is your student indentification card.  We give them to you in September, at Leadership Foundations.  Bruin Cards are made for you by us over the summer.  Your Bruin Card photo is the passport photo we'll ask for in the second admissions mailing, sent out at the end of June.  Later, we use that photo in the facebook too, so make sure you like it!

Section Preference, when will I know my section?
Sections are filled by admission deposit date.  We usually accomodate >90% of first choices for each class.  For 2009, we have the two brand new options of a second all-day Saturday section as well as a non-Saturday section.  Based on these two new options, we anticipate being able to get even more people assigned to their first choice section this year.

We have to reserve the right to balance the section sizes for teaching purposes.  We use admission deposit dates to establish priority or break a "tie".

Kroll, I haven't gotten my email yet. Should I worry?
Don't worry.  The Kroll verification team send us a report on any responses they receive that don't match the parameters we set.  We re-review any open files once a month and ask for clarification if needed.  As long as you've done your part, the process will be complete by Leadership Foundations.

Parking, when do we get our Parking Hangtag?
Hangtags will be distributed by Leadership Foundations.