Course Descrps

If you ever need a description of a course (for company reimbursement, etc) you can locate them on the UCLA Registrar website.

Follow Course Descriptions, to Management, to the number of the course you are seeking.  Below are pasted the descriptions for the fall quarter courses of year one.

Management 402. Data and Decisions (4)
Lecture, three hours. Topics include probabilities, random variables (expectation, variance, covariance, normal random variables), decision trees, estimation, hypothesis testing, and multiple regression models. Emphasis on actual business problems and data. Letter grading.

Management 409. Managing and Leading Organizations (4)
Lecture, three hours. Introduction to human resource management function and management of human behavior in organizations. Emphasis on relationships among individuals, groups, and organizational units as they influence managerial process and development of prospective general managers. Letter grading.