New FEMBAs 2012

May 16, 2009
Hello new members of the FEMBA Class of 2012,

We are getting excited to see many of you here on July 18 for our Mid-Summer Welcome event.  Be thinking about your favorite photo of yourself, a photo that really shows you at your best.  We’re working on the day’s schedule, and we may do an exercise where you need to bring a great photo of yourself.

We’re 91% complete with reading Round Three applications.  The alumni readers have been getting all the applications back to me and Faculty Committee is about to happen.  May 29th, we will release decisions and the final wave of new members of your class will get the good news.  When the round three admits join the Google group, please make them feel welcome.  There are great new people about to earn admission!  Your Class is going to be fantastic.

FYI  Computing Services has published new updates about laptops and computing:

Hope you had a great weekend.
Dylan & team

April 21, 2009
Hello new members of the FEMBA Class of 2012,

We hope you’re meeting each other on the Google group and beginning to get a sense of all the amazing classmates for your MBA experience.  There are not many action items until summer, but just to review you should have:

·         Submitted your official transcripts / mark sheets (All Round One people are complete. There are just a few Round Two people pending.)

·         Seen your official admission letter posted on ApplyYourself.  Give us about 5 working days after we get your transcripts. After 5 days, you can call our admissions operations at 310-206-8279 to make sure we got them.

·         Paid your $1500 admission deposit online

·         Submitted your Section Reply Form by email (To verify, check with Amanda Lu, 310-825-2632)

·         Activated your Kroll Background Verification online. After the background verification clears, you will get a notification email.  We will contact you if we have questions.

·         Received your Graduate Division Email and completed the “Statement of Intent to Register” form. (If you’ve not yet received it, it should come to you by early May.)

·         Gotten active on the Google Group meeting your future classmates. (Again, check with Amanda if you lost your invitation.)

·         “Saved-the-Date” for our Mid-Summer Welcome, Saturday afternoon, July 18, 2009, here on campus.

·         FYI  Summer Action Items: We will email you in early June with several forms to complete.  We’ll give you lots of notice when they go out.

Additional information, from the calls we have been receiving:

·         Financial Aid information is still finalizing, details here

Career Services is planning some special late-summer activities, dates/times TBA. (FYI over 300 current Anderson students from FEMBA, MBA and Executive MBA participated in last Saturday’s “All Anderson Networking Event”, hosted by FEMBA Council and Career Services.)

·         Computing Services will have the information about laptops and networking computing by early June.

We are busy reading Round Three for the final admission notification date of May 29.  There are still many great classmates being added to your class! 

Best regards,
Dylan Stafford
Director of Admissions, UCLA FEMBA