May 2012

May 30

Alfred E. Osborne, Jr.was quoted in aDaily Bruinarticle discussing the UCLA Anderson Knapp Venture Competition winners.

Judy Olian was listed as a finalist for the Executive of the Year award in the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Uday S. Karmarkar was quoted in Fortune on content distributers like Hulu generating unique programs.

Daniel J.B. Mitchell was referenced in City Town Info on the proposed bill that would limit out-of state students.

UCLA Anderson's partnership with First 5 LA, ECEWorks!, was featured in Reuters, Chron,TMC Net, Street Insider, Morning Star,  and News Blaze.  

Morning Star, Reuters, News Blaze, Street Insider mentioned that Hanno Lustig's research earned an AQR honorable mention. 

Jason Snyder was quoted in a NPR article about transplant patients on waitlists.

Stuart Gabriel was interviewed on KNX Business Hour (click to listen, 10:57 - 15:20) regarding the current housing market.

Shlomo Benartzi was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article on investment-policy statements.

May 25

UCLA Anderson was mentioned in a Financial Times article about finding jobs after getting a MBA degree.

UCLA Anderson and its tweet about the TED Case Challenge were mentioned in a Bloomberg Businessweek article, aggregating the top B-School tweets throughout the week.

Judy Olian was quoted in a Valor Economico article discussing MBA programs in Brazil.

The Daily Bruin featured Stephen Spiller's research on the effectiveness of goal planning and achievement.

UCLA Anderson's new FEMBA Flex program was featured in Veritas Prep, CNBC, FIND MBA, News Blaze, TMC Net and Street Insider

Shlomo Benartzi's research on behavior and financial decisions was featured in Morningstar.

David Shulman was quoted in U.S. News and World Report on the perceived benefits of government gridlock for the economy.

Best Financial News quoted Uday Karmarkar on the future of original content for media markets.

The UCLA Anderson and TED inaugural "TED Case Challenge" was featured in Reuters, Yahoo Finance and Press Trust.

May 23

Shlomo Benartzi was interviewed in an Allianz article referencing his book "Save More Tomorrow."

Shlomo Benartzi was mentioned in a Morning Star article, discussing financial plans and retiring.

Eduardo Schwartz was featured in a Paraplyen article about the lecture he will give on "The Real Options Approach to Valuation: Challenges and Opportunities."

Felipe Caro was quoted in an A1 Haber article and a Patronlar Dunyasi article, discussing the Turkish retail industry. (Translated by Google.)
Paul Habibi was quoted in a Los Angeles Business Journal (pay wall site, text below) article about construction projects in Santa Monica.

Judy Olian is quoted in the Daily Bruin story on the UCLA Anderson partnership with TED and TOMS on the inaugural TED Case Challenge.

Shlomo Benartzi was featured on FoxBusiness (link to video) discussing retirement savings.

David Shulman was quoted in an article in U.S. News and World Report on government stalemates and tax policies.

May 21

Daniel Mitchell  was quoted in the Daily Bruin on restricting nonresident student enrollment and its impact on funding for the UC system.

The three month consecutive rise in the Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index was mentioned in Inside Indiana Business.

Jerry Nickelsburg was featured in My Desert regarding construction industry job loss in the Southern California Inland region.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette quoted George Geis on the potential for synergy between existing companies and newly acquired ones, specifically in the context of Biomet acquiring DePuy.

May 18

The Daily Bruin quoted Eric Sussman and Richard Roll on investing in Facebook shares, now that the social networking company has gone public.

Stephen Spiller's research on goal planning and accomplishment was featured in Bright Surfand Medical Xpress.

Material Handling and Logisticsreferenced the Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index on the increase in truck shipments for February.

TMCnet mentioned UCLA Anderson in an article about unemployment and job growth in Inland Southern California.

May 17

The Daily Bruin referenced Daniel Mitchell on California's economic outlook and funding for state programs, in relation to the proposed cuts to the UC and CSU systems.

Jerry Nickelsburg
 was quoted in regarding California's jobless rate and economic recovery.

Edward Leamer and the most recent Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index were featured in a Logistics Management article. 

Edward Leamer was quoted from an NBER research paper from 2008 in a Seeking Alpha article, about judging the major turning points in a business cycle.

Edward Leamer was quoted discussing the effect of building more housing, in a Logistics Management article.

The Power Player Mag featured the 2012 UCLA Anderson Entrepreneur Association Conference.

UCLA Anderson was mentioned in a Los Angeles Times article regarding the participation of MBA students with Pelican.

Sanjay Sood was quoted in a Phys Org article from a study in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Stephen Spiller was mentioned for a study in the Journal of Consumer Research in a Medical Xpress article.

May 11

Daniel Mitchell  was quoted in The Daily Bruin regarding the discussion of a 6 percent tuition hike to UC students.

UCLA Anderson School of Management was mentioned in The Daily Bruin regarding Greenbotics, a company founded by an Anderson student that developed a robot to remove dirt and dust from solar panels.

UCLA Anderson is mentioned in Business Because as one of the main business schools Yahoo! chooses to hire from.

Shlomo Benartzi was quoted in Jewish World Review tackling the reasons why people have a mental block when it comes to buying annuities.

May 8

Jerry Nickelsburg was interviewed on 89.3 KPCC about California's economic outlook.

The New York Times quoted Paul Habibi in an article regarding the difficulties of selling luxury condos.

Mercado featured an article quoting Richard Rumelt on ideas from his book, Good Strategy/ Bad Strategy.

May 2

Money News featured the results of The Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index and was mentioned in PR Web, KTRE, KNOE, WXTX, WXOW, WGEM, KTTC, and Digital Journal.

Noah Goldstein was mentioned in Smart Business in Guy Kawasaki's discussion about ways to increase your influence and persuasion.

UCLA Anderson School of Management was mentioned in, and Sina English working with Polictenico University to promote local businesses and give them greater global access in Italy.

May 1

David Shulman wrote an article in U.S. News & World Report discussing the downside of a zero interest rate policy, also featured in Yahoo Finance.

Eric Sussman was interviewed by Smart Business on UCLA Anderson's program incorporating international travel to enhance an Executive MBA degree.

Rakesh Sarin's new book, "Engineering Happiness", is reviewed by Health News Digest.

Gigi Johnson was quoted in  a New York Times story on Ryan Seacrest.

UCLA Anderson Forecast was mentioned Cal Watchdog discussing California's unemployment.

Christopher Tang was quoted in Forward Online discussing the possible expansion of Chinese investment in U.S. metals.

The Power Player Lifestyle featured a story on UCLA Anderson's 2nd Annual Africa Growth Conference.