Lynda Resnick

Lynda Resnick began her career at the age of nineteen, when she founded a full-service advertising agency.  Successfully running this business so early in her career enabled her to gain invaluable and practical marketing experience, which, coupled with her sound entrepreneurial instincts and quick wit, has been the hallmark of her 40-year career.

Lynda has been dubbed the POM Queen for obvious reasons.  In 2002, only 12 percent of the population even knew what a pomegranate was.  Today, thanks to the tireless marketing efforts of Lynda and her team at POM Wonderful, pomegranates are ubiquitous in our culture and their astonishing health benefits are well known. 

In 1979, Lynda and her husband Stewart purchased a fledgling floral wire service called Teleflora.  Lynda's idea of pairing fresh flowers with a well-designed keepsake container turned ordinary flowers into a reminder of something more lasting, earning her a Gold Effie Award.  Teleflora is now the world's largest floral service and floral products company.

Lynda and Stewart also own Paramount Farms and Paramount Citrus Companies.  Lynda continues to create and build successful brands for their citrus and nut crops, including the ground-breaking and healthy pistachio treat Everybody's Nuts, Wonderful Pistachios and Cuties brand mandarin oranges. 

After acquiring FIJI Water in 2004, Lynda quickly orchestrated a brand identity re-launch.  With marketing initiatives that were as differentiating as the brand itself, FIJI Water is now the largest imported bottled water brand in the United States.

Lynda is Vice Chairman of Los Angeles County Museum of Art's Board of Trustees.  She is on the Executive Board of The Aspen Institute, UCLA Medical Sciences, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the Milken Family Foundation, and is also a trustee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

In late 2010, Lynda turned her philanthropic attention to California's Central Valley, where a large portion of her company's employees live and work.  Her efforts resulted in the recent launch of the Central Valley Leadership Project, a multi-pronged, hands-on program to expand opportunities and transform low-income and underserved towns throughout this economically significant agricultural region into hopeful and vibrant communities.

The Resnicks are proud parents and grandparents and maintain homes in Beverly Hills, California and Aspen, Colorado.

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