Experts Available to Discuss the Shakeup at Hewlett-Packard


UCLA Anderson School of Management experts are available for interviews about the resignation of Hewlett-Packard chief Carly Fiorina, the search for a new chairman, president and CEO, and the company’s performance and strategic execution:

CEO Succession, Leadership and Corporate Governance Issues

David Lewin, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean, MBA Program and
Neil Jacoby Professor of Management
UCLA Anderson School of Management
(310) 206-7666
Prof. Lewin can comment on corporate governance issues the Hewlett-Packard board should consider when filling the positions Fiorina held — chairman, president and CEO — including whether one individual should hold all three posts.

Samuel Culbert, Ph.D.
Professor of Management
UCLA Anderson School of Management
(310) 825-7784
Prof. Culbert is widely recognized as an expert in the field of executive leadership, teamwork and communication.  He can address how Fiorina’s management style meshed with the Hewlett-Packard board and the leadership characteristics the board should consider in its search for a new chief executive.

Company Performance/Strategic Execution

Uday Karmarkar
Times Mirror Professor of Management and Policy
Research Director, Center for Management in the Information Economy
UCLA Anderson School of Management
(310) 825-6500
Prof. Karmarkar studies information-intensive industries, competitive analysis, intelligent management systems and operations and technology strategy for manufacturing and service firms.  He can discuss what he sees as the missteps Hewlett-Packard made in pursuing the fiercely competitive commodity end of the business rather than chasing the more lucrative services side.  Prof. Karmarkar has undertaken consulting and research projects on e-business strategy, manufacturing strategy, business process redesign, supply chain management, industrial marketing and technology management for a wide array of companies in the United States, Europe and Asia. 

George T. Geis, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Executive MBA Program and
Adjunct Professor, Decision Sciences
UCLA Anderson School of Management
(310) 825-2987
Prof. Geis is an expert in the business models and partnership strategies of top companies like Disney, Microsoft, Intel, Vivendi Universal and Time Warner. He follows Hewlett-Packard as well and can discuss the partnerships the company forged and whether they were successful, including relationships with Apple, Microsoft, Intel and Accenture, as well as the Compaq acquisition.  He is the author of “Digital Deals: Strategies for Selecting and Structuring Partnerships,” (McGraw-Hill, 2001).

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