Experts Available to Discuss Disneyland's 50th Anniversary


The following UCLA Anderson School of Management experts are available for interviews regarding Disneyland's 50th Anniversary.  Starting Thursday, May 5, 2005, Disney will commence with myriad events that will continue for 18 months at all Disneyland theme parks, including Orlando, Paris, Tokyo and the new Disneyland in Hong Kong, slated to open in September 2005.  Each park will introduce new shows or attractions, most of which are simply imported from other Disney theme parks.

Shi Zhang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Phone:  (310) 794-6475
Prof. Zhang, who researches global entertainment marketing (including theme parks) and motion picture branding, can share his thoughts on Disneyland's 50th anniversary, especially as Disney prepares to launch its Hong Kong theme park later this year.  He has done innovative work in the area of using comparison and feature alignability to form strategies for market entry and marketing communications, and in the area of brand naming and positioning in the international market.  This research provides frameworks for brand naming and international/cross-cultural consumer research, and it suggests how companies can leverage differences between consumers to formulate brand naming and positioning strategies.

George T. Geis, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Executive MBA Program and Adjunct Professor, Decision Sciences
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Phone:  (310) 825-2987
Prof. Geis is an expert in the business models and partnership strategies of top companies like Disney, Vivendi Universal, Time Warner, Sony, Microsoft and Intel.  He can discuss what CEO-in-waiting Robert Iger will need to do to maintain Disney's edge in an industry that is becoming more fiercely competitive -- especially in light of some recent events, including key executive changes and strategic shifts at some Disney rivals.  Prof. Geis is the author of "Digital Deals: Strategies for Selecting and Structuring Partnerships," (McGraw-Hill, 2001).

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