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May 18, 2012

AMR Team Reveals Top YouTube Tactics for Automotive Marketers

Study is among finalists for Deloitte Consulting Award

LOS ANGELES -- YouTube is a platform where you can upload video content and broadcast yourself to friends, family and the world.  With up to sixty hours of content being uploaded every minute and more than four billion videos viewed each day, it's no surprise that marketers are turning to this outlet to reach their audiences.

To encourage niche marketers to take greater advantage of the video sharing website, YouTube recruited a group of full-time MBA students from the UCLA Anderson School of Management Applied Management Research Program (AMR) to conduct a field study. The task: find techniques that could generate effective video content and increase advertising revenue for YouTube. 

The students included Pamela Cheuk, Brien Downie, Cheng Lee, Eric Thomasian and Tina Zee. They are among the top five of eighty total teams that qualified for the prestigious Deloitte Consulting Award, presented to the team that exemplifies outstanding leadership, collaboration and ingenuity in its solution of a complex problem. The accolade, which includes a $5,000 prize to be shared among the members, will be revealed in late May 2012.  

YouTube asked the team to explore the key video elements that marketers utilize to reach particular marketing objectives in a targeted industry and demographic. This project focused on automotive marketing to millennials (18-34 year-olds). The research served as a pilot to support the launch of a larger scale study that YouTube could use to explore other industries and population segments.  The group collaborated with their client through weekly status calls and meetings at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, CA and the local Google office in Venice, CA.

 "With the continuous growth of YouTube users, the team capitalized on the opportunity to conduct research on cutting edge technology," said UCLA Anderson Associate Professor with Tenure Bruce Carlin, the team's faculty advisor. "The individuals pooled their expertise from their respective fields of experience to deliver constructive recommendations to YouTube and the auto marketers. The AMR platform allowed the students to work with a high profile client and apply their in-class learning to an authentic consulting endeavor."

The initial stage of the project required identifying target video elements and extensive research on automotive marketing objectives and the millennial population to design the survey.

To drive the research, the team asked:  

            How should automotive marketers design their videos on YouTube for Millennials?

To understand if there was a correlation and if so, to what magnitude that particular video's elements had on reaching marketing objectives among the targeted audience, the team conducted a series of survey sessions.  The results revealed: Female millennials proved very receptive to YouTube videos; shareability increased with short videos that highlighted product features; and cultural references enhanced the marketing goals of brand perception and purchase consideration.

Among the team's recommendations to YouTube:

1.      Conduct a larger scale study referring to this research and methodology.

2.      Develop an Auto Marketer Playbook to clearly establish the best practices for creating effective YouTube videos.

3.      Broaden the survey scope to target other trades that also have room for improvement to boost additional YouTube activity and advertising solutions.  

The students submitted their recommendations in a written report and oral presentation to senior level executives at YouTube Video Advertising and Google Automotive. "YouTube is one of the world's fastest-growing advertising platforms, and our advertisers and their agencies are always looking for more, better data about building brands online," said Eric Meyerson, Head of Content Partner Communications at YouTube. "As brands move beyond traditional interruptive experiences and more toward integrative experiences, we'll need to better understand the impact of online advertising in a new, creative ways. This project will undoubtedly stimulate more exploration in the future."

"It was a great accomplishment to introduce something new that this billion dollar company has never explored," said student Eric Thomasian. "This project has personally been my best and most rewarding experience at UCLA Anderson. I've been inspired to pursue the online video space after graduation." 

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