August 09, 2002

Los Angeles — Rakesh Sarin, a professor of decisions, operations and technology management, and Patricia Hughes, a professor of accounting, have been appointed chair and vice chair, respectively at UCLA Anderson.

Prof. Sarin, who holds the Paine Chair in Management, received his doctoral degree from UCLA and has been on the faculty of UCLA Anderson for more than 20 years. He teaches in the areas of operations team strategy, data analysis and decisions under uncertainty.

Prof. Hughes, who is beginning her seventh year at UCLA Anderson, is not a novice to the administrative side of academia. She previously served as chair of the school’s accounting area for five years and also serves on other various school committees. She teaches courses in financial accounting.

In his new position at UCLA Anderson, Prof. Sarin serves as the chief academic officer for the school, providing support and supervision to the academic departments, faculty and the academic personnel office. In addition, he will manage area reviews and recruiting efforts for new faculty, as well as negotiate salary increases and promotion cases, among other duties.

Prof. Sarin believes that because UCLA Anderson attracts some of the brightest minds from around the world, the core value driving his decisions will be to reward the school’s highly talented faculty and support outstanding scholarship among UCLA Anderson’s internationally renown faculty members.

“As chairman I intend to foster a culture of high expectations from our students, creating an atmosphere that is rigorous, demanding and relevant to the business world,” said Prof. Sarin. “In addition, we must preserve our collaborative environment of mutual respect and trust among faculty, staff, alumni and other friends of the school.”

A consultant to several private and public organizations, Prof. Sarin’s primary research interests are in the areas of decision analysis, risk analysis, behavioral decision making, decisions under uncertainty, and equity and fairness in decision making. He has written approximately 60 papers discussing axiomatic analysis of decision models, development of methods and algorithms for general classes of decision problems, and real-world applications.

In her role as vice chair, Prof. Hughes will coordinate the school’s visiting faculty and lecturers, manage the faculty teaching schedule and oversee the process of promotions and appointments of faculty at UCLA Anderson.

As a professor in UCLA Anderson’s highly acclaimed accounting department, Prof. Hughes is also a frequent spokesperson and expert on accounting practices and trends in media nationwide, especially recently, in light of a variety of corporate scandals plaguing the business world. Her current research interests include accounting issues related to mergers and acquisitions, discretionary disclosure of private information, modeling and empirical testing of accounting choices under asymmetric information, and information economics.

Prof. Hughes has prepared papers on such subjects as “The Impact of Litigation Risk on Discretionary Disclosure” and “Debt and Inventory Accounting Choices: Tests of the Cash-Flow Signaling and Tax-Shield Substitution Theories.”

Profs. Hughes and Sarin, who were appointed to their new roles by Bruce Willison, dean of UCLA Anderson, assumed their posts on July 1, 2002, succeeding Prof. Chris Tang, formerly chair, and Prof. Chris Erickson, formerly vice chair.

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