///About "I am Anderson"

We wanted to tell an honest story about what makes UCLA Anderson special and distinct from other business schools. Many of the commercials from past years focused on a marketing message. Instead, we wanted to show real people speaking honestly about what makes Anderson different. The concept evolved into "I am Anderson," showing the many faces and personalities that comprise this community. Inspiration for this video came from Obama's 2008 campaign video: Signs of Hope and Change.

///About The Team

danny greene MBA '13 - director - Danny Greene has a very difficult time answering the question: What do you want to do when you grow up? Pursuing his interests in media, technology, entertainment, entrepreneurship, marketing, and social impact, he basically spends three quarters of his time going to Anderson professional events. His four years at Current TV provided enough of an understanding of video production and visual storytelling to take a shot an Anderson commercial.


adam clark MBA '13 - music selector - Adam Clark is an aspiring marketer and ex-consultant that likes to pretend he's creative on weekends and holidays through drawing, cooking, and making short videos with friends. Born and raised in Wisconsin, he has never met a cheese he didn't like and is a die-hard Badgers/Packers fan. After two-year stints in Detroit and New York City with Accenture, Adam returned to Anderson to engineer a career switch into brand management, and will be plying his new trade at Nestle this summer trying to encourage families to drink more Nesquik.

nancy quan MBA '13 - editor - Nancy Quan is a graphic/web/interior designer, born and raised in San Francisco, and in love with making cool videos. She taught digital video and movie production at a summer tech camp for 3 summers, and usually carries a camera. She is an entrepreneur in the creative/tech space.   

spencer friedman MBA '13 - idea guy - Spencer Friedman wants to save the world. Ironically, he has spent most of his professional career buried in the bowels of the federal government. As an atonement, he traveled the country with the 2008 Obama campaign spreading messages of "hope" and "change", and then worked for a year in South America helping low-income entrepreneurs launch eco-friendly businesses. He enjoys dreaming and that amazing feeling when things fall perfectly into place.

ana peÑa MBA '13 - heart and soul - Ana is a gear-head at heart, graduating from Stanford Engineering in 2009 and working at Genentech in Operations for two years after graduation. Now, as a first year student at UCLA Anderson, she is looking to transition into a career in social entrepreneurship. Ana hopes to create a social enterprise that will improve the lives of people in developing nations through the creative use of business and engineering. She is actively involved in Net Impact and EA and enjoys death-defying acts such as sky-diving, riding her motorcycle across Europe, and cooking with Danny Greene.

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