///About "Small Business"

Our commercial was heavily influenced by French auteurs of cinema classique, while obviously borrowing heavily from the surrealist films of Spain's Luis Buñuel and his famed collaborator, Salvador Dalí. The theme of our opus focuses on the principal character's individualism and entrepreneurial struggles, with subtle critical undertones and commentary on the moral hazards and irrational exuberance that led up to the financial crisis and the "great recession." We felt it was important to strike the right balance between emphasizing the academic rigor of a business education at UCLA Anderson and the ongoing struggle for success, as it is defined in the eyes of a community and more importantly, as an existential self-actualization. While casting the piece, we were concerned about working with a celebrity, and we thought that it could potentially detract from our message. However, Victoria's ability to immerse herself in the role and to really inhabit the character, allowed us to feel comfortable that the average viewer wouldn't be distracted by her earlier works and acclaim.

///About The Team

joseph duronio esq. FEMBA '15 - Joseph practices securities law as in-house counsel to a large insurance company. He and his wife recently relocated to Los Angeles from the New York Area. He graduated from NYU in 2005 with a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy, before studying law, with a concentration in intellectual property, at Seton Hall University. Quote - "I am excited to be a member of the incoming class of Anderson FEMBA."


stephen seiple FEMBA '15 - Stephen studied at University of Miami, Ohio and graduated in 2003 with a BS in Economics and Marketing. He has worked for Dole Food Company for over eight years and is currently a Marketing Manager. He enjoys running, whiskey, cooking, foods, movies, cards, and board games. Steven is currently redrawing each frame of the film for the much anticipated re-release in IMAX 3D Directors Redux. Look forward to the 5-disc blue ray release with director commentary.

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