///About "The Best Get Better"

We wanted a simplistic, yet highly stylized, commercial that showcased Anderson by not just highlighting some of the program's attributes, but also emphasizing the unique geography of our school. Very few elite business school can boast proximity to the beach, the mountains, and Hollywood, and we wanted to put those perks on display... quite literally. Although it takes place in the 60s, Mad Men is largely the voice of our generation, and what better way to market our school than by having the ad man himself, Pete Campbell, sell Anderson.

///About The Team

Peter Barnes MBA '13 - Peter's work history can be described as schizophrenic. Starting off as a stock trader as an extended practical joke with friends, he eventually moved on to the highly mature world of professional poker playing. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles to work in entertainment as a writer while developing an overwhelming obsession with nachos. Which would lead to his next venture... The Nacho Truck. Peter's ADD is currently undiagnosed and he could use a prescription.

Derek Skrzynski MBA '13 - Derek's work experience consists mainly of getting laid off with intermittent periods of real estate finance and real estate development between. He also worked for a nonprofit for a while, which made him feel warm and fuzzy inside. Currently, Derek is working on starting his own alcohol brand, which his friends and family are really sick of hearing about.

James Vogl MBA '13 - James worked as a teacher and staff member at Teach For America for the first five years of his career in Chicago and Los Angeles. He then sold out and went to business school. On the weekends he prefers yachting, motoring and playing polo.

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