///About "ANDi"

An interpretation on a popular smartphone technology and what an education at Anderson represents, "ANDi" tells the story of a young man's journey from the depths of career dissatisfaction to the heights of success and "Boss-hood", thanks to A New Direction and guidance from UCLA Anderson.

///About The Team

George Lin FEMBA '14 - Director, Cinematography, Body Double
Education: McMaster University, UC San Diego
Work: Semiconductor industry
Acting experience: Keeping the Poker Face while playing Texas Hold’em. Drama club in high school.
Favorite Movie: Jerry McGuire. He could have found our app ANDi quite handy.


Peter Scranton FEMBA '14 - actor, visual effects, boom operator
Education: UCLA Alumni - Chemical Engineering 2008
Work: BP Carson Refinery
Acting experience: 5th grade production of "The Wizard of Oz"
Graphic Design experience: Started, owned, and operated "Worldinchaos Enterprises" online T-shirt company from 2001-2007.


Sagar Thaker FEMBA '14 - producer, editor, head writer
Education: Johns Hopkins University
Work: Medical Device Industry
Acting experience: Acting like I know what I’m doing since the 1980’s
Favorite All-Time Commercial: Cadbury Gorilla ad, where the gorilla really, really likes Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”

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