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Last year's recipients of the John Wooden Global Leadership Award Fellowships are Elliot Ling, MBA class of 2014, and Jordanna Mora, FEMBA class of 2015. Elliot and Jordanna embody Coach Wooden's inspiring leadership ideals and commitment to improving the lives of others.
2013 Fellows
Jordanna Mora
Jordanna Mora
In the second year of the FEMBA program, is a licensed and board-certified genetic counselor with entrepreneurial drive and a commitment to service. While pursuing her degree, she works at Integrated Genetics providing complex prenatal and preconception consultation for high-risk patients. In addition, Jordanna consults with biotechnology companies on communication strategies to help them better connect with the patients they serve. In 2008, Jordanna co-founded an Internet start-up, InheritedHealth, which she and her partner sold three years later. She began her career helping coordinate family-based services for Boston inner city youth and later served for four years as a volunteer mentor to children in high-risk homes.
Elliot Ling
Elliot Ling
Elliot Ling, in his second year in the MBA program, has focused the last eight years on initiatives that benefit youth, particularly in low-income communities. Most recently, Elliot served as director of youth development for Servant Partners, a humanitarian organization dedicated to transforming disadvantaged urban communities.

He began his career as a policy analyst for Advancement Project, researching and modeling best-practice youth development programs. Later at Green Dot Public Schools, Elliot took an operations role and led a cross-functional team to improve the efficiency of teacher onboarding, enabling more resources to flow to the classroom. Elliot has demonstrated many of Coach Wooden's values, no more so than when Elliot and his wife welcomed into their own home a 16-year-old dropout who was in desperate need. Over the course of a year, they helped the young man build a new future for his life.
Previous Fellows
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