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The 2014 recipients of the John Wooden Global Leadership Award Fellowships are Nicole àBeckett, FEMBA class of 2015, Derek Herrera, EMBA class of 2015 and Elizabeth Pratt, MBA and MPP class of 2016. Nicole, Derek and Elizabeth embody Coach Wooden's inspiring leadership ideals and commitment to improving the lives of others.
2014 Fellows
2013 Fellows
Jordanna Mora
Jordanna Mora
Jordana Mora (FEMBA ’15) is a licensed and board-certified genetic counselor with entrepreneurial drive and a commitment to service. Read More
Elliot Ling
Elliot Ling
Elliot Ling (MBA ’14), has focused the last eight years on initiatives that benefit youth, particularly in low-income communities.
Read More
Previous Fellows
  • Aviva Altmann, MBA '13
  • Juan Rose, EMBA '13
  • Karla Sarni, FEMBA '13
  • Valerie Sun, FEMBA '13
  • Russell Altenburg, MBA '12
  • Archana Rajan, EMBA '11
  • Joanna Schochet, MBA '11
  • Shahrouz Golshani, FEMBA '11
  • Dana Taylor, MBA '10
  • Andrea Swanson, FEMBA '09
  • Christopher Schnakenberg, MBA '09

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