The mainstay of UCLA Anderson is its esteemed, distinguished and international faculty. Each year, Anderson faculty publish papers in leading scholarly journals, receive recognition for research excellence, provide leadership in and beyond UCLA, and serve as inspirational teachers and mentors. They also travel extensively and play an influential role in offering expert views on the issues of the day, and are often quoted in national and international media.

UCLA Anderson faculty bring a global orientation to their teaching and research. They address global dimensions of topics at every opportunity so that students instinctively adopt global perspectives on management issues. Many UCLA Anderson faculty research global issues with funding from the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) housed at UCLA Anderson, participate in CIBER's international programs and play active roles in specific CIBER-related events and activities. View examples of faculty and doctoral research funded by CIBER >

Global expertise of faculty is complemented and strengthened by outstanding visiting scholars and hiring scholars who study timely and relevant international topics. UCLA Anderson also partners with many leading institutions around the world such as the National University of Singapore, the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad, London Business School, and Fudan University in Shanghai that provide immersion experiences for faculty as well as students.

UCLA Anderson has endowed chairs for faculty members with particular global interests and expertise. For example, Professor Richard Roll serves as the Japan Alumni Chair in Finance and Professor Sebastian Edwards, Area Chair, Global Economics & Management serves as the Henry Ford II Chair in International Management and concentrates his academic research on the economies and currencies of the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

Faculty international involvement is not limited to research and the classroom. At UCLA Anderson, management education is taught on an international scale and faculty continually avail their expertise to global causes. This work makes a significant impact on the world at large and then finds its way back into the classroom as real world teaching examples for Anderson students. Partnering with Johnson & Johnson and in cooperation with the African Medical and Research Foundation, UCLA Anderson faculty travel to Nairobi, Kenya as part of the Johnson/UCLA HIV/AIDS Management Development Institute to enhance the leadership capability of managers of HIV treatment organizations. Participants are exposed to various management tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided to HIV/AIDS patients. Microfinance in emerging markets also is a very important area of focus that UCLA Anderson faculty avail their expertise to.

UCLA Anderson’s doctoral students come from around the globe and possess a broad range of research interests and experiences. Working closely with faculty, both in the classroom and in the development of research, students reach the highest levels of scholarly achievement. The program's primary focus is on independent inquiry, research methodology and publication of research results. The dissertation culminates the student's academic endeavors and makes a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the chosen field of study. Over the years, numerous dissertations have included an international and global management focus.