GAP operates from June to December each year. A detailed schedule is provided below.


2015 GAP Recruiting and Project Matching Schedule

This timeline highlights the key dates for the recruiting and team matching phase of GAP 2015

  • Saturday, November 1: GAP Students Information Session #1– 12:45-2:00pm, Korn Hall.

  • October 2014 - April 2015: GAP International Project recruiting - ROLLING ADMISSIONS PERIOD

  • Saturday, March 1: Students submit updated resumes to GAP office

  • Wednesday, April 1: GAP company application deadline. Teams begin evaluating company list

  • Monday, April 13: Students send names of their 5 member team to the GAP office
  • Thursday May 15: Teams submit their first round of bids for their preferred GAP project

  • Friday, May 22: GAP office posts first round team/project matching results

  • Sunday, June 1: 2nd round of bidding, teams not matched in first round will submit their top 3 bids

  • Monday, June 9: GAP office posts final team/project matching results
  • Student teams begin contacting company executives to introduce themselves

2015 GAP Student Course and Event Schedule

This section highlights key program dates during the active GAP project phase.

  • Saturday, June 20: Student Launch (9a.m.-6p.m.) MANDATORY ATTENDANCE FOR STUDENTS

  • Friday, July 10: Reception for Company Executives (6pm – 8:00pm: 1 student per team attends)

  • Saturday, July 11: Company Launch Day 1 (8am-6pm) MANDATORY ATTENDANCE FOR STUDENTS

  • Sunday, July 12: Company Launch Day 2 (8am-6pm) MANDATORY ATTENDANCE FOR STUDENTS

  • Saturday, Aug 8: Plenary (10am-1pm; Final Summer Session)

  • Aug 9 – Oct 9: Research Travel Period

  • Saturday, Oct 10: Mid-Course Presentations (8am-6pm) MANDATORY ATTENDANCE FOR STUDENTS

  • Saturday, Oct 24: Plenary (10am – 1:00pm)

  • Saturday, Nov 7: First Dry-Run Session (8am-7pm) MANDATORY ATTENDANCE FOR STUDENTS

  • Saturday, Nov 21: Second Dry-Run Session (8am-7pm) MANDATORY ATTENDANCE FOR STUDENTS

  • Saturday, Dec 12: Final Presentations (8am-6pm) MANDATORY ATTENDANCE FOR STUDENTS