2012 Minard

Minard Editor Award Honoree
Winnie O'Kelley

Deputy Business Editor
The New York Times

Winnie O'Kelley is deputy editor for Business Day at The New York Times. In this role, Ms. O'Kelley directs the paper's reporting on the economy and helps shape the overall business coverage. For the last three years, she has played a key role overseeing the housing collapse and mortgage bust as well as the recession and financial crisis. From assessing government's role in the debacle to chronicling the plight of ordinary workers, the story has touched nearly every part of American life.

For most of her career at the Times, Ms. O'Kelley has worked in the business news department, frequently with primary oversight of financial markets. Her work encompassed the recovery of Wall Street from the September 11, 2001, attacks and in subsequent years a round of financial scandals that brought down several companies, including Enron and WorldCom and the accounting firm Arthur Andersen. The lead financial columnist, Gretchen Morgenson, won a Pulitzer Prize for her work during this time.

As assistant business and financial editor, Ms. O'Kelley oversaw the paper's coverage of the collapse of Long-Term Capital Management, the hedge fund that threatened the financial markets. The series of articles won a Gerald Loeb award.  Since joining the paper in 1992, she has also served as a deputy editor for enterprise stories across the newspaper and as deputy editor on the National desk.

Before joining The Times, she held a variety of editing jobs at American Banker and Advertising Age.

Born in Gainesville, Ga., on December 19, 1962, Ms. O'Kelley received a B.S. degree in journalism from Northwestern University in 1984. She has two sons and lives in New Jersey.  


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