Larry Buchanan, Karen Yourish, Walt Bogdanich, Jacqueline Williams, Ana Graciela Mendez, Motoko Rich, Amanda Cox, Matthew Bloch, Quoctrung Bui, Matt A.V. Chaban, Jeremy White, and Nicholas Casey

The New York Times used an array of graphics, videos, charts, still photography and other visually compelling enhancements to bolster the storytelling reportage of its business journalists. A story entitled “Money, Race and Success” used an easy-to-grasp chart of data to show the differences between race, wealth and educational performance. A story that commemorated the 100th anniversary of New York City’s zoning code concluded that roughly 40 percent of the buildings that stand in Manhattan couldn’t be built today; the newspaper published an accompanying interactive map that allowed readers to discover how and why these structures violated the zoning code. Its investigative story about the new Panama Canal featured aerial drone photography and animated vignettes to illustrate the scope of this massive project, while the dramatic photographs of Venezuelans fleeing from their country’s economic disaster, shot by photographer Meridith Kohut, soberly chronicled an unwelcome diaspora. A story about the array of conflicts of interest facing the Trump presidency used easily understood visual clues to diagram the many entanglements involving his investments and his personal and business relationships.

Gerald Loeb Awards 2017