What is an element?

An element is any form of news item including: individual print article(s), broadcast segments (television, radio or online video), digital print, online or visual element, blog or photo.

How many elements can I include in each submission?
Each submission shall consist of at least one (1) element, but no more than five (5) elements for all categories.

Our article includes sidebars. Does each sidebar count as an element?
Sidebars are not considered part of your submission. Sidebars will only be read and included in the material to be judged if it is designated as an element on the numbered List of Elements included as the second page of your PDF (see 2014 Eligibility & Rules for further details).       

Our outlet is based internationally, but we have a US based bureau. Can we still submit an entry to the Loeb Awards?
Yes, as long as the elements of the submission were published or broadcast in the United States.

What is the submission fee?
There is a $100 submission fee per entry in each competition category.

I would like to nominate someone for the Lifetime Achievement/Minard Editor Award. Do I have to pay the $100 submission fee?
No, there is no submission fee required for Lifetime Achievement Award or Minard Editor Award nominations.

Can I use a form of payment other than a credit card?
You may also pay for your submission(s) by check. Please make all checks payable to "The G. and R. Loeb Foundation" and be sure to note in the memo section of the check the entry ID(s) of the submission(s) you wish to pay for. Additionally, please email loeb@anderson.ucla.edu with the ID number(s) of the submission(s) you will be paying for so we can ensure they will be entered into the competition.

Please mail all checks to the following address:

The Gerald Loeb Awards
Jonathan Daillak
UCLA Anderson School of Management
110 Westwood Plaza
Gold Hall, Suite B305
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481

I would like to submit a series I wrote, but there are six articles in my series. What should I do?
Submissions are limited to five (5) elements; however, you may include a link to the missing article or the full series in your cover letter to the judges. Judges are not required to view the missing article or full series and the material will not be judged as part of your submission.

Am I required to submit a cover letter to the judges?
While a cover letter is not required, we highly encourage you to include one.

Am I required to submit a List of Elements as the second page of my PDF?
Yes, the List of Elements allows the Loeb Awards staff and judges to accurately identify the content to be considered for judging.

Should we include a transcript with my broadcast submission?
Please call the Loeb Awards office at 310-825-4478, to discuss the length of your video submission and if it would be needed to submit a transcript.

Do I need to mail a DVD version of my broadcast submission?
No, please only submit one (1) working URL to a webpage where the embedded video/audio will play.

How should I format the PDF?
PDFs should be in a standard 8.5" x 11" page size with a legible sized font. If you are submitting an electronic tear sheet, please crop your article to fit the standard size (see Submission Example D). If there is more than one article or element on a single page, please be sure to clearly distinguish the material to be judged (see Submission Example E).

Are all elements in my submission required to have a common theme?
For the broadcast specific category, if you choose to submit a package of five (5) segments instead of one full length program, all segments must cover a single topic or subject.

For all other categories, there is no rule that mandates that the elements in a submission have an underlying theme. The vast majority of submissions that we receive do have an underlying theme - by topic/subject or by main author. However, we do receive submissions that contain a collection of the organization's best work with no underlying theme.

I would like to include a URL linking to an interactive element. Do I need to include anything in the PDF?
Yes, you should include the URL in your List of Elements; and also provide a screenshot of the interactive element or visual as separate page in your PDF. The screenshot will only be used as reference and your submission will not be judged by the screenshot. Judges will visit the provided URL and review your entry based on the interactive component (see Submission Example A for clarification).

How do I make a PDF from a URL?
1) Open the URL in your web browser.
2) Click "File" in the upper left hand corner of your browser and select "Print."
3) When the printer dialogue box opens, select "Adobe PDF" as the printer name (may be a list or a dropdown menu).
4) Select "Ok" or "Print" option and you will be asked to save your file.

How do I combine PDFs into a single PDF?

Combining PDFs will require Adobe Acrobat (not the same as Adobe Reader).

1) Open Adobe Acrobat.
2) Click "File" in the upper left hand corner of your browser and select "Combine Files."
3) When the combine files dialogue box opens, select "Add Files..." and chose the files you wish to combine.
4) You can change the order you want the PDFs in by using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons at the bottom of the combine file dialogue box.
5)Select Next.
6) You will be asked to choose th etype of combined PDF file to create. Choose "Merge file sinto a single PDF" then press "Create."
7) Save your file accordingly.

If you are still unable to conbine your PDFs, please email your PDFs as an attachment to loeb@anderson.ucla.edu and note the order in which the PDFs should be combined and a Loeb representative will be happy to combine your PDF for you then email it back.

My submission fits the criteria for multiple categories. Can I enter the same submission in more than one category?
The same submission may be entered into a maximum of two (2) different categories. There is no longer a distinguished difference between a platform neutral category (Neutral Group) or a platform specific category (Specific Group), as all categories are now platorm neutral. 

Is my submission judged as a whole or is each element judged individually?
Your submission, regardless of how many elements are included, will be judged as a whole. The elements will not be judged individually.

Is there an advantage to including five elements in my submission versus only one or two elements?
No. Submitting multiple elements will not provide you with an advantage. The submission should be a representation of your best work. If your submission is best showcased by multiple elements, then you may include up to the maximum of five elements, however, you are not required to submit more than one element. Submitting less than the maximum number of five elements will also in no way disadvantage you.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Gerald Loeb Awards office at loeb@anderson.ucla.edu or (310) 825-4478.


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