Lisa Chow, Kaitlin Roberts, Molly Messick, Bruce Wallace, Luke Malone, Simone Polanen, Alex Blumberg, and Alexandra Johnes

Gimlet Media’s StartUp produced “Dov Charney’s American Dream,” a seven-part documentary series that profiled the controversial and charismatic founder and former CEO of American Apparel. When he started the company in the late 1990s, Charney was seen as an innovative entrepreneur; he paid his employees above the minimum wage, successfully transitioned the business from wholesale to retail, produced infamous billboard and print ad campaigns, and manufactured popular street-wear in factories in Los Angeles at a time when companies like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes were moving their business operations overseas. But after taking American Apparel public, Charney faced multiple allegations of sexual harassment and, ultimately, lost control of his own company and was fired. These podcasts featured unprecedented access to Charney as he set out to start a new apparel company, as well as interviews with his inner circle, his mother and former board members and employees, some of whom had never spoken publicly before. The result was a probing, intimate audio series that re-examined the man, the legend surrounding his escapades, and his legacy.

Gerald Loeb Awards 2017