2017 Winners


Audio Winner
"Dov Charney's American Dream" by Lisa Chow, Kaitlin Roberts, Molly Messick, Bruce Wallace, Luke Malone, and Simone Polanen, Gimlet Media

Beat Reporting Winner
"Big Money, Unlikely Donors" by David Zahniser, Emily Alpert Reyes, Joe Fox, and Len De Groot, Los Angeles Times

Breaking News Winner
"Saudi Aramco: The World's Most Valuable IPO" by Zanny Minton Beddoes, Henry Tricks, Anton La Guardia, Chris Lockwood, and Edward McBride, The Economist

Commentary Winner
"Creative Destruction: The Schumpeter Column" by Adrian Wooldridge, The Economist    

Explanatory Winner

"Superbug Spreaders" by Natalie Obiko Pearson, Sharang Limaye, Jason Gale, Lydia Mulvany, Monte Reel, Stephanie Baker, Wenxin Fan, and Adi Narayan, Bloomberg News  

Feature Winner
"Hot Mess: How Goldman Lost Libya's Money" by Matthew Campbell and Kit Chellel, Bloomberg Businessweek  

Images/Graphics/Interactives Winner
"Business Visuals" by Larry Buchanan, Karen Yourish, Walt Bogdanich, Jacqueline Williams, Ana Graciela Mendez, Motoko Rich, Amanda Cox, and Matthew Bloch, The New York Times

International Winner
"Venezuela Undone" by Hannah Dreier and Ricardo Nunes, The Associated Press  

Investigative Winners
"Dangerous Doses" by Sam Roe, Karisa King, and Ray Long, Chicago Tribune
"Allegiant Air" by William R. Levesque, Nathaniel Lash, and Anthony Cormier, Tampa Bay Times  

Local Winner
"Painkiller Profiteers" by Eric Eyre, Charleston Gazette-Mail  

Personal Finance Winner
"The High Cost of Coping" by Taylor Tepper and Elizabeth O'Brien, MONEY Magazine  

Video Winner
"Cosecha de Miseria (Harvest of Misery) & The Source" by Gregory Gilderman, Marisa Venegas, Solly Granatstein, Shawn Efran, Marcus Stern, Brandon Kieffer, John Carlos Frey, and Monica Villamizar, Telemundo Network and Weather.com

Gerald Loeb Awards 2017