2016 Finalists



Audio Category Finalists  

  • Dana Wolfe, John Donvan, Robert Rosenkranz, Clea Conner Chang, Kris Kamikawa, Alison Russell, Amy Krafft, Adelaide Mandeville, Lia Matthow, Shea O'Meara, Taylor Quimby, Rob Christiansen, Damon Whittemore and Katie Kemple for "Central Banks Can Print Prosperity" - Intelligence Squared U.S.
  • Rebecca Plevin for "Navigating the Costly World of Health Care" - KPCC
  • Chris Arnold, Uri Berliner, Neal Carruth, Lori Todd, John Ydstie,  Heidi Glenn, Ariel Zambelich, Avie Schnieder, Alyson Hurt and Annette Elizabeth Allen for "Your Money and Your Life" - NPR
  • Colleen DeBaise, Sue Williams, Victoria Wang, Nusha Balyan, Sam Shinn and Michelle Ciotta for "Succeeding as a Woman in Tech - Shaan Kandawalla, Melody McCloskey, Amy Sheng" - The Story Exchange

Beat Reporting Category Finalists

  • Dan Murtaugh, Lynn Doan, Harry R. Weber and David Wethe for "The Shale Boom Blows Up" - Bloomberg News
  • Jenny Deam for "Healthcare Reporting" - Houston Chronicle
  • Paul Kiel, Annie Waldman and Al Shaw for "The Color of Debt" - ProPublica
  • John Carreyrou, Michael Siconolfi and Christopher Weaver for "Testing Theranos" - The Wall Street Journal

Breaking News Category Finalists

  • David McLaughlin, Todd Shields, Gerry Smith, Lucas Shaw, Alex Sherman and Ed Hammond for "Cable Cut" - Bloomberg News
  • Kavita Kumar, Adam Belz, Mike Hughlett, Joe Carlson and Kristen Leigh Painter for "Target Exits Canada" - Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Jason Del Rey, Kurt Wagner and Kara Swisher for "Jack Dorsey's Third Act" - Re/code
  • John Hilsenrath, Ben Leubsdorf, Greg Ip, Sudeep Reddy, Josh Zumbrun, Jeffrey Sparshott, Patricia Minczeski, Martin Burch, Elliot Bentley and Rachel Louise Ensign for "Fed Rate Increase" - The Wall Street Journal
  • David Benoit, Jacob Bunge, Dana Cimilluca, Dana Mattioli and Dennis K. Berman for "Inside the Dow-DuPont Merger" - The Wall Street Journal  

Commentary Category Finalists  

  • Peter Coy for "'Opening Remarks' Columns" - Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Michael Hiltzik for "The Economy Hub" - Los Angeles Times
  • Joe Nocera for "Commentary from Joe Nocera" - The New York Times
  • James B. Stewart for "Inside the Boardroom" - The New York Times
  • Matt O'Brien for "International Turbulence" - The Washington Post

Explanatory Category Finalists

  • Paul Ford for "Code: An Essay" - Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Ellen Gabler for "Hidden Errors" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld for "Inside Amazon" - The New York Times
  • Michael Grabell, Howard Berkes and Lena Groeger for "Insult to Injury: America's Vanishing Worker Protections" - ProPublica & NPR
  • Karen Brettell, David Gaffen, David Rohde and Timothy Aeppel for "The Cannibalized Company" - Reuters

Feature Category Finalists

  • Jason Clenfield for "The Passport King" - Bloomberg Markets
  • Laurie Segall, Erica Fink, Jason Farkas, Contessa Gayles, Greg Chen, Megan Pendergrass, Daniel Ho and Craig Waxman for "Revenge Porn: The Cyberwar Against Women" - CNNMoney
  • Jennifer Hiller for "Smell of Money: Oil and Ranching in South Texas" - San Antonio Express-News
  • David Enrich for "The Unraveling of Tom Hayes" - The Wall Street Journal
  • Chico Harlan for "A Region Left Behind: Lost Opportunity in the Deep South" - The Washington Post

Images/Graphics/Interactives Category Finalists  

  • Christopher Cannon, Patrick Clark, Keith Collins, Jan Dash, Jeremy Scott Diamond, Blacki Migliozzi, Laurie Meisler, Anders Melin, Adam Pearce, Mira Rojanasakul, Eric Roston, Alex Tribou and Yan Zhang for "Bloomberg: Interactive Graphics" - Bloomberg News
  • Eleanor Bell, Will Fitzgibbon, Chris Zubak-Skees and Cecile Schilis-Gallego for "Fatal Extraction" - The Center for Public Integrity & The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
  • Amanda Cox, Gregor Aisch, Kevin Quealy, Matthew Bloch, Wilson Andrews, Josh Keller, Karen Yourish, Eric Buth, Nicholas Confessore and Sarah Cohen for "Making Data Visual" - The New York Times
  • Annie Waldman and Sisi Wei for "Debt by Degrees" - ProPublica

International Category Finalists

  • Sasha Chavkin, Ben Hallman, Michael Hudson, Cecille Schilis-Gallego, Shane Shifflett and Jocelyn Zuckerman for "Evicted & Abandoned" - The International Consortium of  Investigative Journalists & The Huffington Post
  • Ian Urbina for "The Outlaw Ocean" - The New York Times
  • Stephen Grey, Audrey Kuzmin, Jack Stubbs, Roman Anin and Elizabeth Piper for "Comrade Capitalism" - Reuters
  • Tom Wright, Bradley Hope, Simon Clark, Mia Lamar, Justin Baer, Tom Di Fonzo and Paolo Bosonin for "Malaysia's Missing Millions" - The Wall Street Journal

Investigative Category Finalists

  • Margie Mason, Martha Mendoza, Robin McDowell and Esther Htusan for "Seafood from Slaves" - The Associated Press
  • Peter Elkind for "Inside the Hack of the Century" - Fortune
  • Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Michael Corkery and Robert Gebeloff for "Beware the Fine Print" - The New York Times
  • Mike Baker and Daniel Wagner for "The Mobile-Home Trap" - The Seattle Times, The Center for Public Integrity & BuzzFeed News  

Local Category Finalists

  • Jeffrey Meitrodt for "Tragic Harvest" - Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Denise M. Bonilla, Carl MacGowan, Maura McDermott and Deon J. Hampton for "Zombie Houses" - Newsday
  • Fedor Zarkhin for "Unsettling Dust" - The Oregonian
  • Whit Richardson and Steve Mistler for "Payday at the Mill" - Portland Press Herald & Maine Sunday Telegram

Personal Finance Category Finalists 

  • Daniel Miller for "Selling Stardom" - Los Angeles Times
  • Jillian Berman for "Student Debt Crisis Coverage" - MarketWatch
  • Donna Rosato, Kate Santichen, Alexandra Mondalek and Shayla Hunter for "Aging's Costliest Challenge" - MONEY Magazine
  • Morgan Housel for "Morgan Housel Columns" - The Wall Street Journal & The Motley Fool 

Video Category Finalists 

  • Pamela McClintock, Kim Masters, Jen Laski and Stephanie Fischette for "Studio Chiefs Unleashed: 6 Top Execs Spar Over Gender Pay, Sony Hack and 'Star Wars' Box Office" - The Hollywood Reporter
  • Jennifer Gollan, David Ritsher, Amanda Pike, Fernando Diaz, Richard Coolidge and Sara Just for "Are Bakken Oil Field Workers Dying for Cheap Gas?" - Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting & PBS NewsHour
  • Sharyl Attkisson, Kim Skeen, Batt Humphreys, Bryan Barr, Lance Ing and Johnalynn Holland for "Taxpayer Beware: Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson" - Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Robert Libetti, Todd Cross and Lucette Lagnado for "The Double-Mastectomy Rebellion" - The Wall Street Journal
  • Joanna Stern and Drew Evans for "Joanna Stern's Videos" - The Wall Street Journal


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