2016 Call for Entries Press Release



February 11 Deadline for Submissions in 12 Competition Categories and Two Career Achievement Honors

Los Angeles (January 6, 2016) - UCLA Anderson School of Management and the G. and R. Loeb Foundation invite all journalists and outlets from print, online and broadcast media to submit entries in 12 competition categories and nominations for two career achievement awards for the 2016 Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism.

The Gerald Loeb Awards are the most prestigious honor in business journalism nationwide and were established in 1957 by the late Gerald Loeb, founding partner of E.F. Hutton, to recognize writers, editors and producers who make significant contributions to the understanding of business, finance and the economy for both the private investor and the general public. UCLA Anderson has been presenting the awards since 1973.

This year, the Video/Audio category has been split into two separate categories and the Images/Visuals category has been replaced with the Images/Graphics/Interactives category to reflect the evolution of digital journalism. All competition categories encourage submissions in all journalistic forms and in any combination of forms - broadcast (video, audio and podcasts), digital/online, print, still photography, graphics, interactives, data visualization, and social media. Detailed descriptions of category changes and submission guidelines for the 2016 competition can be found online at http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/gerald-loeb-awards/2016-categories.

All entries must be submitted online at www.loeb.anderson.ucla.edu no later than Thursday, February 11, 2016, at 11:59:59 p.m. Consideration is limited to entries that were published or broadcast in the United States during calendar year 2015.

Entries Accepted in 12 Competition Categories

AUDIO - Exemplary spoken-word coverage, story-telling or expository journalism on a contemporary business, financial or economic subject.

BEAT REPORTING - Exemplary coverage of a business, financial or economic beat.

BREAKING NEWS - Exemplary coverage of a competitive business, financial or economic news story within seven days of an event, with special attention paid to the first 24 hours.

COMMENTARY - Including business, financial or economic editorials, columns, syndicated columns, blogs, on-air or video commentary or analysis.

EXPLANATORY - Exemplary in-depth analysis and clear presentation of a complex business, financial or economic subject.

FEATURE - Pieces in any medium that explain or enlighten business topics with exemplary craft and style.

IMAGES/GRAPHICS/INTERACTIVES - Recognizes the exemplary use of images, graphics, and interactives (still photography, video, charts, data visualizations, graphics, illustrations, news apps) to tell stories. These visual elements should be essential to the reporting in order to explain, enlighten or educate the reader/viewer/user about contemporary business, financial or economic topics. The images, graphics, or interactives, and any accompanying text, voice track or sound, can appear in any media.

INTERNATIONAL - Covering international business, financial or economic stories. Must be English language and published in the US.

INVESTIGATIVE - For a business, financial or economic story or group of up to five (5) stories in any medium or in a combination of media. Factors the judges will consider include originality, creativity and persistence in gleaning information, storytelling power and impact.

LOCAL - Recognizes excellence in the coverage of a business, financial or economic story centered in a particular geographic area and offered primarily to consumers in that area. Pieces would be from a local newspaper, magazine, television, radio station or website.

PERSONAL FINANCE - Excellence in business, financial or economic journalism that informs and protects the individual investor and consumer. Eligible entrants include journalists and also experts who are determined not to have conflicts of interest or personal agendas related to the submitted material.

VIDEO - Exemplary coverage, story-telling and presentation in video of a business, financial or economic story.

Nominations will also be accepted for: (1) the Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes exceptional career contributions in the field of business, financial and economic news; and (2) the Lawrence Minard Editor Award, which recognizes career contributions in business journalism editing.

The Gerald Loeb Awards Final Judges:

STEPHEN J. ADLER, Editor-in-Chief, Reuters

DAVID BOARDMAN, Dean of the School of Media and Communications, Temple University

KEVIN DELANEY, Editor-in-Chief, Quartz

PATRICK FOULIS, U.S. Buiness Editor & New York Bureau Chief, The Economist

LARRY KRAMER, Director, Gannett Co., Inc

JOANNE LIPMAN, Adviser, Yahoo! Media / Executive Producer, NYPR

DAVAN MAHARAJ, Editor, Los Angeles Times

TYLER MATHISEN, Co-anchor, CNBC's Power Lunch / Vice President for Strategic Editorial Initiatives, CNBC

ALAN MURRAY, Editor, Fortune

MATT MURRAY, Deputy Managing Editor, International News and Money & Investing, The Wall Street Journal

JUDY D. OLIAN, Dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management

ANDY SERWER, Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Finance

MELANIE SILL, Vice President of Content, Southern California Public Radio

LIZ SPAYD, Editor-in-Chief, Columbia Journalism Review

PAUL STEIGER, Executive Chairman, ProPublica

MATTHEW WINKLER, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus and Founder, Bloomberg News

About The Gerald Loeb Awards

The Gerald Loeb Awards were established in 1957 by the late Gerald Loeb, a founding partner of E.F. Hutton. His intention was to encourage reporting on business and finance that would inform and protect the private investor and the general public. Distinguished journalists and outlets nationwide submit entries to compete for the most prestigious honor in business journalism. UCLA Anderson has been presenting The Gerald Loeb Awards since 1973 and the awards use a two-tier judging process comprising a preliminary round and final round. The awards banquet and celebration is held in New York City every June and is attended by the country's top business and financial publishers, editors, journalists, producers and celebrities. The Gerald Loeb Awards is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization that operates primarily from sponsorship and private support. Follow The Gerald Loeb Awards on Twitter @LoebAwards. Experience The Gerald Loeb Awards: #LoebAwards

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