2015 Finalists



Beat Reporting Category Finalists

  • Zachary R. Mider for "Tax Runaways" - Bloomberg News
  • Michael Brick for "Michael Brick, Texas Energy" - Houston Chronicle
  • David Sirota for "Public Money, Private Profits" - International Business Times
  • Eric Lipton, Ben Protess, Nicholas Confessore and Brooke Williams for "Lobbying in America" - The New York Times

Breaking News Category Finalists

  • Aaron Kirchfeld, Matthew Campbell, Jeffrey McCracken, Vidya Root, Helene Fouquet and Francois de Beaupuy for "GE vs. France" - Bloomberg News
  • Matthew Garrahan and Tim Bradshaw for "Apple Beats" - The Financial Times
  • Melody Petersen, Ralph Vartabedian, W.J. Hennigan, Christine Mai-Duc, Ruben Vives and Shan Li for "Virgin Galactic Crash" - Los Angeles Times
  • Dominic Gates, Rami Grunbaum and Jim Brunner for "SeaTimes Breaking News: Boeing Machinist Contract Vote Showdown" - The Seattle Times
  • Gregory Zuckerman and Kirsten Grind for "Abdication of the 'Bond King'" - The Wall Street Journal

Commentary Category Finalists

  • Shirley Leung for "Shirley Leung Columns" - The Boston Globe
  • Michael Hiltzik for "Michael Hiltzik, Business Columnist" - Los Angeles Times
  • Jesse Eisinger for "Wall Street Accountability" - ProPublica
  • Matt O'Brien for "Global Inequality" - The Washington Post

Explanatory Category Finalists

  • Matt Drange, Susanne Rust, Michael I. Schiller and The Guardian US Interactives Team for "Toxic Trail" - The Center for Investigative Reporting
  • Jason Grotto and Heather Gillers for "Borrowing Trouble" - Chicago Tribune
  • Lisa Song, David Hasemyer, Zahra Hirji, Paul Horn, Jim Morris, Jamie Smith Hopkins, Ben Wieder, Alan Suderman, Greg Gilderman, Neil Katz and Katie Wiggin for "Big Oil, Bad Air" - InsideClimate News, The Center for Public Integrity and The Weather Channel
  • Krissy Clark, Noel King, Caitlin Esch and Lindsay Thomas for "York & Fig" - Marketplace
  • Peter Whoriskey and Dan Keating for "The Business of Dying" - The Washington Post

Feature Category Finalists

  • David Voreacos and Jeff Plungis for "Death on the Highway" - Bloomberg News
  • Peter Elkind for "Inside Elon Musk's $1.4 Billion Score" - Fortune
  • Jennifer Reingold for "How to Fail in Business While Really, Really Trying" - Fortune
  • Tom Philpott and Matt Black for "California Goes Nuts" - Mother Jones

Images/Visuals Category Finalists

  • Matt Smith, Jennifer Gollan and Michael I. Schiller for "Techsploitation" - The Center for Investigative Reporting
  • Chris Zubak-Skees for "2014 Interactive Graphics" - The Center for Public Integrity
  • Gregor Aisch, Wilson Andrews, Jeremy Ashkenas, Matthew Bloch, Mike Bostock, Shan Carter, Haeyoun Park, Alicia Parlapiano and Archie Tse for "Economic Tools & Visualizations" - The New York Times
  • Paul Antonson, Andrew Beaton, Martin Burch, Chris Canipe, Drew Evans, Madeline Farbman, Marc LaJoie, Jonathan Keegan, Roger Kenny, Steven Kutz, Nick Shearman, Mike Sudal, Adam Suharja, Stuart Thompson, Christopher Weaver and Kurt Wilberding for "The Wall Street Journal: Interactive Graphics" - The Wall Street Journal

International Category Finalists

  • Rakteem Katakey, Rajesh Kumar Singh and Tom Lasseter for "The Bleakest Side of India's Modernization" - Bloomberg L.P.
  • Lynn Hicks and Rodney White for "Feeding China" - Des Moines Register
  • Richard Marosi and Don Bartletti for "Product of Mexico" - Los Angeles Times
  • T. Christian Miller, Jonathan Jones, Marcela Gaviria, Will Cohen and Ashley Gilbertson for "Firestone and the Warlord" - ProPublica and PBS FRONTLINE

Investigative Category Finalists

  • Daniel Wagner and Eleanor Bell for "Profiting from Prisoners" - The Center for Public Integrity
  • John Fauber, Elbert Chu and Coulter Jones for "Drug Approvals Investigation" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today
  • Hilary Stout, Danielle Ivory, Rebecca R. Ruiz, Hiroko Tabuchi, Bill Vlasic, Matthew L. Wald, Rachel Abrams, Poh Si Teng, Wilson Andrews and Gregor Aisch for "Fatal Flaws in Auto Safety" - The New York Times
  • Christopher S. Stewart, Christopher Weaver, John Carreyrou, Rob Barry, Anna Wilde Mathews and Tom McGinty for "Medicare Unmasked" - The Wall Street Journal

Local Category Finalists

  • Mike Hendricks and Mará Rose Williams for "Misleading March to the Top" - The Kansas City Star
  • John Diedrich, Bill Schulz and Gary D'Amato for "Death in the Ring" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Chris Serres and Glenn Howatt for "Unchecked Care" - Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Ivan Penn for "Duke Energy" - Tampa Bay Times

Personal Finance Category Finalists

  • Alison Fitzgerald and Jared Bennett for "Florida's Foreclosure Crisis" - The Center for Public Integrity
  • Susan Tompor for "Helping Retirees Navigate Pension Cuts in Detroit's Bankruptcy" - Detroit Free Press
  • Ann Marsh, Scott Wenger and Kamrhan Farwell for "Could Financial Planning Help Stem the Rate of Military Suicides?" - Financial Planning
  • Jean Eaglesham and Rob Barry for "Tracking Troubled Brokers" - The Wall Street Journal

Video/Audio Category Finalists

  • Cindy Galli, Brian Ross, Rhonda Schwartz, Angela Hill and Lee Ferran for "ABC News Brian Ross Investigates: Deadly Impact" - ABC News
  • Vicky Nguyen, Kevin Nious, Jeremy Carroll, Felipe Escamilla, David Paredes, Julie Putnam and Mark Villarreal for "Inside Sysco: Exposing North America's Food Sheds" - KNTV
  • Chris Arnold, Paul Kiel, Neal Carruth, Uri Berliner and Tracy Weber for "The Unseen Toll of Wage Garnishment" - NPR and ProPublica
  • Jason Bellini for "The Short Answer: MH370" - The Wall Street Journal


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