2014 Finalists


Beat Reporting Category Finalists

  • Alana Semuels for "The Workplace" - Los Angeles Times
  • Binyamin Appelbaum for "Fed Succession" - The New York Times
  • Carrick Mollenkamp and Cezary Podkul for "Uneasy Money" - Reuters
  • Ivan Penn for "Duke Energy and Nuclear Power in Florida" - Tampa Bay Times

Breaking News Category Finalists

  • Terry Maxon, Michael A. Lindenberger, Mitchell Schnurman and Cheryl Hall for "American Airlines Merger" - The Dallas Morning News
  • Nathan Bomey, Susan Tompor, Greg Gardner, Mark Phelan, Alisa Priddle and Tom Walsh for "A New Leader for GM: Barra Makes History" - Detroit Free Press
  • James Yardley, Julfikar Ali Manik and Steven Greenhouse for "Bangladesh" - The New York Times
  • Dominic Gates for "Boeing Grounded" - The Seattle Times

Commentary Category Finalists

  • Peter Coy for "Peter Coy Columns and Commentary" - Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Matt Levine for "Today in Why Aren't More Bankers in Jail"  - Bloomberg VIEW
  • Loren Steffy for "Loren Steffy Columns" - Houston Chronicle
  • Peter Goodman for "Commentary by Peter Goodman" - The Huffington Post

Explanatory Category Finalists

  • Eamon Javers, Nikhil Deogun, Matthew Cuddy and Pat Anastasi for "CNBC's Eamon Javers - Early Data Release Coverage" - CNBC
  • Noam Scheiber for "The Last Days of Big Law" - The New Republic
  • Ian Urbina and Leslye Davis for "As OSHA Emphasizes Safety, Long-Term Health Risks Fester" - The New York Times
  • Steve Stecklow, Babak Dehghanpisheh and Yeganeh Torbati for "Assets of the Ayatollah" - Reuters
  • Peter Whoriskey and Dan Keating for "The Cost of Healing" - The Washington Post

Images/Visuals Category Finalists

  • Bård Edlund for "Sixty Seconds of Salary" - CNNMoney
  • Ford Fessenden, Tom Giratikanon, Josh Keller, Archie Tse, Tim Wallace, Derek Watkins, Jeremy White, Karen Yourish, Shan Carter, Hannah Fairfield, Alicia Parlapiano, Mike Bostock, Amanda Cox, Matthew Ericson Kevin Quealy and Josh Williams for "Interactive Graphics" - The New York Times  
  • Scott M. Austin, Lakshmi Ketineni, Paul Antonson, Spencer E. Ante, Ryan Knutson, Thomas Gryta and Ben Fox Rubin for "WSJ's Wireless Savings Calculator" - The Wall Street Journal
  • Janet Adamy, Neal Mann, Jarrard Cole, Paul Antonson, Andy Regal and Louise Radnofsky for "Prescribed" - The Wall Street Journal

International Category Finalists

  • Raymond Bonner and Christine Spolar for "Death in Singapore" - Financial Times
  • Kerry A. Dolan and Rafael Marques de Morais for "The Shortest Route to Riches" - Forbes
  • James Yardley, Stephanie Clifford, Steven Greenhouse, Ian Urbina and Keith Bradsher for "Garment Industry" - The New York Times
  • David Enrich, Jean Eaglesham, Atsuko Fukase and Jenny Strasburg  for "Unraveling the Mystery of Interest-Rate Manipulation" - The Wall Street Journal

Investigative Category Finalists

  • Chris Hamby, Matthew Mosk and Brian Ross for "Breathless and Burdened: Dying from Black Lung, Buried by Law and Medicine" - The Center for Public Integrity, in partnership with ABC News
  • Katherine Eban for "Dirty Medicine" - Fortune
  • A.C. Thompson, Jonathan Jones, Hanna Trudo, Carl Byker, Katie Taber and Kate McMahon for "Life and Death in Assisted Living" - ProPublica/FRONTLINE
  • Debbie Cenziper, Michael Sallah and Steven Rich for "Tax Liens: Left With Nothing" - The Washington Post

Magazines Category Finalists

  • Cam Simpson for "Stranded: an iPhone Tested Caught in Supply Chain" - Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Andy Greenberg and Ryan Mac for "Big Brother's Brain" - Forbes
  • Jennifer Reingold for "Squeezing Heinz"- Fortune
  • Alexandra Robbins for "Children Are Dying" - Washingtonian

News Services Category Finalists

  • Liam Vaughan, Gavin Finch, Bob Ivry and Ambereen Choudhury for "Rigging the World's Biggest Market" - Bloomberg News
  • Scot Paltrow and Kelly Carr for "Unaccountable" - Reuters

Newspapers - Large Category Finalists

  • Rong-Gong Lin II, Rosanna Xia and Doug Smith for "A Concrete Risk" - Los Angeles Times
  • Jessica Silver-Greenberg for "Predators/Bank Abuses" - The New York Times
  • Alison Young, John Hillkirk and Shannon Green for "Supplement Shell Game" - USA Today
  • Barton Gellman, Laura Poitras, Ellen Nakashima, Craig Timberg, Steven Rich and Ashkan Soltani for "Five of the NSA Stories" - The Washington Post

Newspapers - Small & Medium Category Finalists

  • Eric Eyre and David Gutman for "The Meth Menace" - Charleston Gazette
  • Ellen Gabler, Mark Johnson, John Fauber, Allan James Vestal and Kristyna Wentz-Graff for "Deadly Delays" - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Melody Petersen for "Deeper in Debt" - Orange County Register
  • Colin Woodard for "The Lobbyist in the Henhouse" - Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram
  • Anthony Cormier and Michael Braga for "Breaking the Banks" - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Online Category Finalists

  • Kainaz Amaria, Alex Blumberg, Brian Boyer, Jacob Goldstein and Wes Lindamood for "Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt" - NPR
  • T. Christian Miller and Jeff Gerth for "Overdose" - ProPublica
  • Charles Ornstein, Tracy Weber, Jennifer LaFleur, Jeff Larson and Lena Groeger for "The Prescribers" - ProPublica  

Personal Finance Category Finalists

  • Steve Kroft, Jeff Fager, James Jacoby, Michael Karzis and Matthew Lev for "60 Minutes: 40 Million Mistakes" - CBS News
  • E. Scott Reckard for "Wells Fargo Sales Quotas Come at a Cost" - Los Angeles Times
  • Paul Kiel and Mitchell Hartman for "Debt Inc." - ProPublica/Marketplace
  • Marcela Gaviria, Martin Smith, Ryan Knutson, Raney Aronson-Rath and David Fanning for "The Retirement Gamble" - RAINmedia for FRONTLINE

Video/Audio Category Finalists

  • Mitch Weitzner, Brian Sullivan, Wally Griffith, Deborah Camiel, James Segelstein and Meghan Lisson for "CNBC's America's Gun: The Rise of the AR-15" - CNBC
  • Michael Kirk, Jim Gilmore, Mike Wiser, Steve Fainaru and Mark Fainaru for "League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis" - Kirk Documentary Group for FRONTLINE
  • Martin Smith, Linda Hirsch, Ben Gold, Dan Sugarman, Raney Aronson-Rath, and David Fanning for "The Untouchables" - FRONTLINE
  • Tisha Thompson, Rick Yarborough, Jeff Piper and Mike Goldrick for "Under the Hood: The AAMCO Investigation" - WRC-TV

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