2013 Winners


Beat Reporting Winner
Tom Bergin of Reuters for "Corporate Taxation Series"
Breaking News Winner
Thomas Lee, David Phelps, Janet Moore, Paul McEnroe, Tony Kennedy, Patrick Kennedy and Eric Wieffering of Star Tribune for "Best Buy CEO Resigns Under Cloud"
Broadcast Winner
Byron Harris, Billy Bryant, Jason Trahan and Mark Smith of WFAA-TV for "Denticaid: Medicaid Dental Abuse in Texas"
Commentary Winner
John Gapper of Financial Times for "John Gapper (Financial Times)"
Explanatory Winner
Mike McGraw and Alan Bavley of The Kansas City Star for "Beef's Raw Edges"
Images/Visuals Winner
Tom Giratikanon, Amanda Cox, Sergio Pecanha, Alicia Parlapiano, Jeremy White, Robert Gebeloff, Ford Fessenden, Archie Tse, Alan McLean, Shan Carter, Mike Bostock and Matthew Ericson of The New York Times for "Economy Interactives"
International Winner
David Barboza and Sharon LaFraniere of The New York Times for "China's Secret Fortunes"
Investigative Winner
David Barstow, Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab and Stephanie Clifford of The New York Times for "Wal-Mart Abroad"
Magazines Winners
Connie Bruck of The New Yorker for "Cashier du Cinema"
Robert Capps of Wired Magazine for "Why Things Fail"
News Services Winner
Brian Grow, Anna Driver, Joshua Schneyer, Janet Roberts, Jeanine Prezioso, David Sheppard and John Shiffman of Reuters for "Inside Chesapeake Energy"
Large Newspapers Winner
Patricia Callahan, Sam Roe and Michael Hawthorne of Chicago Tribune for "Playing With Fire"
Small & Medium Newspapers Winners
Ames Alexander, Karen Garloch, Joseph Neff and David Raynor of The Charlotte Observer and The News & Observer for "Prognosis: Profits"
Mandy Locke and David Raynor of The News & Observer for "Ghost Workers"
Online Winner
Alison Young and Peter Eisler of USA TODAY for "Ghost Factories"
Personal Finance Winner
Jason Zweig of The Wall Street Journal for "The Intelligent Investor"

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