2011 Final Judges

A diverse and distinguished panel of final judges, representing major print and broadcast outlets, meets and selects the winner in each of the 13 competition categories from among finalists submitted by the preliminary judges and chooses the career achievement honorees. The dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management chairs the panel.

Rafat Ali

Joanne Lipman*
Columnist, Newsweek / Principal, Surrey Lane Media

Amanda Bennett
Executive Editor, Enterprise, Bloomberg News

Tyler Mathisen
Vice President for Strategic Editorial Initiatives,
Matthew Bishop*
New York Bureau Chief, The Economist
Matt Murray*
Deputy Managing Editor,
National News, The Wall Street Journal

David Boardman
Executive Editor,
The Seattle Times

Judy D. Olian
Dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management

 Chrystia Freeland*
Global Editor-at-Large, Thomson Reuters

Allan Sloan*
Senior Editor-at-Large, Fortune
John Hillkirk*
Senior Editor, Investigative Reporting Projects, USA Today
Russ Stanton*
Vice President of Content , Southern California Public Radio
Larry Kramer
Former Chairman and CEO, CBS Marketwatch

Paul Steiger
Editor-in-Chief, ProPublica


Glenn Kramon*
Assistant Managing Editor, The New York Times

Gillian Tett
U.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times

Jonathan Wald*
Executive Producer, Piers Morgan Tonight / Adjunct Professor, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

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*Photo Courtesy of Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times

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