2004 Finalists


"Stealth Merger: Drug Companies and Government Medical Research" by David Willman, Los Angeles Times

"Fixing Medicare” by Reed Abelson, Kurt Eichenwald, Gardiner Harris, Gina Kolata, Melody Petersen and Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times"

Exposing Scandals at the Big Board" by Susanne Craig, Ianthe Jeanne Dugan, Charles Gasparino, Greg Ip, Kate Kelly and Deborah Solomon, The Wall Street Journal

1. "Big Board is Probing Specialists for Possible 'Front-Running'"
2. "Grasso Is NYSE's $10 Million Man"
3. "Several NYSE Directors Consider Removing Grasso To Stem Pay Flap"
4. "Grasso Quits NYSE Amid Pay Furor"
5. "SEC Blasts Big Board Oversight of 'Specialist' Trading Firms"
6. "How Grasso's Rule Kept NYSE On Top But Hid Deep Troubles"

"The Hidden Injustices of Hospital Bills” by Lucette Lagnado, The Wall Street Journal

1. "Twenty Years and Still Paying"
2. "A Young Woman, An Appendectomy, and a $19,000 Debt"
3. "Twenty Years - and He Isn't Paying Any More"
4. "Hospitals Urged to End Harsh Tactics for Billing Uninsured"
5. "Hospitals Try Extreme Measures To Collect Their Overdue Debts"
6. "Hospitals Will Give Price Breaks To Uninsured, if Medicare Agrees

"Big Green" by David Ottaway and Joe Stephens, The Washington Post

1. "Inside the Nature Conservancy"
2. "A House in the Woods"
3. "When Conservation and Business Fail to Mix"


"Credit Trap" by Kenneth R. Gosselin and Matthew Kauffman, The Hartford Courant

"Building Homes: Building Problems" by Dan Tracy, Orlando Sentinel

1. "Region's new homes riddled with flaws"
2. "'Good enough' work means shoddy homes"
3. "Homes often are rush jobs, critics assert"
4. "Top builders downplay homes' flaws"
5. "Mexican migrants carve path of hope to Orlando"
6. "Code, inspections let flaws through"
7. "Builders clout keeps regulations weak"

"Banking on Your Money" by Clint Riley, The Record

"Drugging the Poor" by Fred Schulte, South Florida Sun-Sentinel


"Everybody at Risk" by Kate Long, The Charleston Gazette

1. "On The Edge"
2. "We Sink Or Swim With Everyone Else"
3. "Insurance: With & Without"
4. "Cancel The Discount?"
5. "Hospital Sticker Shock"
6. "We Thought We Had Insurance"

"Heart Divided" by Andrea Tortora, Cincinnati Business Courier

1. "Heart Divided"
2. "Doctor Pushes For Regional Heart Care Center"
3. "Heart-only Hospital In Works"
4. "Heart Hospital Has More Suitors"

"Behind an OxyContin Crisis" by Charles B. Camp, Lexington Herald-Leader

1. "Millions Sold, Office By Office"
2. "Inside A Painkiller's Sales Pitch"

"Reflection of a Changing America" by S. Lynne Walker, The State Journal-Register

1. "Tension In The Air"
2. "Conquering The Great Divide"
3. "Living With A Lie"
4. "Dealing With Change"

"Men Not Working" by Jim Bodor, Lisa Eckelbecker, Andi Esposito and Bob Kievra, Worcester Telegram & Gazette


"The Coming Job Boom" by Paul Kaihla, Business 2.0

"Is Your Job Next? / The Rise of India" by Aaron Bernstein, Pete Engardio and Manjeet Kripalani, BusinessWeek

1. "Is Your Job Next?"
2. "The Rise Of India"

"The $87 Billion Money Pit" by John Barry, Christian Caryl, Babak Dehghanpisheh, Michael Hirsh, Rod Nordland and Peyman Pejan, Newsweek

"Big Money on Campus" by Julian E. Barnes, Megan Barnett and Danielle Knight, U.S.News & World Report


"Commentary Columns" by Amity Shlaes, Financial Times

 "Golden State" by Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

"Harvesting Poverty" by Andres Martinez, The New York Times

"Series of 2003 Columns" by Froma Harrop, The Providence Journal


"Financial Services" by Steve Bailey, Andrew Caffrey and Stven Syre, The Boston Globe

1. "Fleet, Hancock eyed merger, officials say"
2. "Officials say Hancock, Prudential eyed merger"
3. "Hancock seen in serious talks"
4. "$47b Fleet sale expected today"
5. "Putnam chief Lasser agrees to resign"

"Boeing: What Really Happened" by Stanley Holmes, BusinessWeek 

"Exposing Wrongdoing at State-Run Polish Companies" by Malgorzata Halaba, David McQuaid and Marek Strzelecki, Dow Jones Newswires

"The Day Grasso Quit as NYSE Chief" by Susanne Craig, Ianthe Jeanne Dugan, Theo Francis and Kate Kelly, The Wall Street Journal

1. "Grasso Quits NYSE Amid Pay Furor"
2. "Tight-Knit Culture Will Help Shape Big Board's Future"
3. "Weakened NYSE Must Face Challenges"
4. "How Much Severance Pay Is Enough?"


"A Sampling of Articles" by David Leonhardt, The New York Times

The Coming Crisis” by Mary Williams Walsh, The New York Times

 “A Spotlight on Boeing’s Legal and Ethical Scandals” by J. Lynn Lunsford, Andy Pasztor and Anne Marie Squeo, The Wall Street Journal

1. "U. S. Probes Whether Boeing Misused a Rival's Documents"
2. "Mergers Make It Tougher to Punish Federal Contractors"
3. "Boeing Is Punished in Rocket Case"
4. "Boeing's Plan to Smooth Bumps Of Jet Market Hits Turbulence"
5. "Air Force Ex-Official Had Ties To Boeing During Contract Talks"
6. "Boeing CEO Condit Resigns In Shake-Up at Aerospace Titan"
7. "How Two Officials Got Caught By Pentagon's Revolving Door"

“Hidden Roots of the Pension Crisis” by Theo Francis and Ellen E. Schultz, The Wall Street Journal

1. "Executives Get Pension Security While Plans for Workers Falter"
2. "Most Workers Are In Dark on Health Of Their Pensions"
3. "Firms Had a Hand In Pension Plight They Now Bemoan"
4. "Many Ties Link Pension Lobby To Regulators"
5. "Is Pension Crisis a Scapegoat?"
6. "GM, Other Firms Boost Earnings By Pouring Billions Into Pensions"
7. "For Pension Plans, Risky Is Fine"

"Unraveling the Mysteries of the Fed and the Economy" by Greg Ip, The Wall Street Journal

1. "Inside a Shaky Economy, Signs of a Rebound Emerge"
2. "As Housing Buoys Economy, It's No Surprise to Fed's Chairman"
3. "Next Fed Rate Cut May Be Smaller Than Expected"
4. "Tech Supplier Senses Businesses May Be Near a Spending Uptick"
5. "Fed Missed Mark On Impact of Cut On Bond Market"
6. "Fed's Big Question: Not What to Do, But What to Say"
7. "Fed to Keep Rates At Historic Low Despite Growth"


 “The Flimflam Man” by Adrian Cox, David Evans and Abhay Singh, Bloomberg News

Broken Promises: How Economic Reforms Have Failed Mexico” by Susan Ferriss, Cox News Service

Risky Rx” by Chris Adams and Alison Young, Knight Ridder Washington Bureau

eBay Beats the Corporate Reformers” by Troy Wolverton, TheStreet.com


Hispanic in America” by Malinda Adams, Jerry Bowen, Larry Doyle, Bobbi Harley, Dick Jefferson, Kristen Muller, Pat Shevlin and Mark Strassmann, CBS Evening News, Weekend Edition

“CNBC in India” by Steve Banton, Joe Dewitt, Judy Dobrzynski, Wally Griffith, Gina Guerriero, Sue Herera, Jeffrey Pohlman and Bill Sims, CNBC

 “Funds Under Fire” by Scott Cohn, Patti Domm, Ellen Egeth and Mary Thompson, CNBC

The Jobless Recovery” by Doug Adams, Christiana Arvelis, Donna Bass, Steve Capus, Joo Lee, Karen Nye, Albert Oetgen, Felicia Patinkin, Charles Schaeffer, Nikki Stamos and Anne Thompson, NBC Nightly News


"Imported from India” by Rome Hartman and Lesley Stahl, CBS News "60 Minutes"

"Where's My Stuff?" by Victoria Corderi, Karen Heywood McKinley, Rayner Ramirez and Kelly Sutherland, Dateline NBC

 "Jobless Recovery Series" by Lee Koromvokis and Paul Solman, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer/ PBS

 "Mutual Funds Fraud" by Lee Koromvokis and Paul Solman, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer/ PBS

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