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PKM Personal Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management

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PKM: Who?

PKM: What?

PKM: Why? Information Explosion

" it is estimated that the amount of information - not knowledge and not unique information - available on the Internet in the year 2001 will be greater than all knowledge in recorded history."

PKM: Why? Information Chaos

If the WWW were compared to a library, the “books” on its shelves would keep changing their relative locations as well as their sizes and names. Individual “pages” in those publications would be shuffled ceaselessly. Finally, much of the data on those pages would be revised, updated, extended, shortened or even deleted without warning almost daily.

PKM: Why? Information Overload

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PKM: Why? Shift in Responsibility

PKM: When?

PKM: Where?

PKM: How?

Topics for Exploration

We live in a sea of data, and we have ready access to information Our challenge is knowledge and its management

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DATA 041899DL5508201430

Information Date 041899 Flight DL55 Departure 0820 Arrival 1430

Knowledge But flight 55 is always late, you’ll miss you meeting!

Wisdom It doesn’t really matter!

Do you agree?

Personal Information Management Tools

What is Knowledge? some attributes

Two Types of Knowledge

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Spiral

"I call my field knowledge management, but you can't really manage knowledge. What a company can do is manage the environment that optimizes knowledge.”

Knowledge Management in Context

University Environment/Culture

University Environment/Culture However: a bit of reality...

Content and Presentation

Individual’s Information Handling Skills Computer-Mediated Information Behaviors

If student and teachers continue to approach the educational experience using the same old approaches and techniques, will investing in information technologies make any difference?

What, if anything, do faculty and students need to do differently to get value from our investments in information technologies?

One component involves Personal Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management Challenges

1. Categorizing/Classifying

2. Naming things/ Making distinctions (choosing terms, labels or symbols)

3. Evaluating/Assessing

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Anderson “Edge” Workshop An Introduction to PKM

Searching/Finding Heuristics

Categorizing/Classifying Heuristics

Naming things/ Making distinctions Heuristics

Evaluating/Assessing Heuristics for Web Based Sources

Integrating/Relating possible end-products

But… it’s the underlying file structure which is critical

Chronological Organizational Approach “when”

Functional Organizational Approaches “what”

Role Organizational Approaches “how”

Anderson “Edge” Workshop An Introduction to PKM

Workshop Effectiveness N = 162 in MBA Class of 2001

Some Student Comments...

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Jones and Thomas Conclusion regarding Personal Information Management Tools

Rate of Introduction of Technology occurred at a faster pace at some schools, but the technology introduced and its use is not different!

Personal Knowledge Management PKM Challenge for the 21st Century



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