Quantitative International Economics

by Edward E. Leamer and Robert M. Stern

© 1970 by Allyn and Bacon, Inc.*

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Book Cover, Table of Contents, List of Figures and Tables

Preface and Chapter 1 – Introduction

Part I:  The Balance of Payments

Chapter 2 – Time-Series Estimation of Import and Export Demand Relationships

Chapter 3 – Theory and Measurement of the Elasticity of Substitution in International Trade

Chapter 4 – The Estimation of International Capital Movements

Chapter 5 – Forecasting and Policy Analysis with Econometric Models

Part II:  International Trade and Welfare

Chapter 6 – Theory and Measurement of Trade Dependence and Interdependence

Chapter 7 – Constant-Market-Share Analysis of Export Growth

Chapter 8 – Estimating the Welfare Effects of Trade Liberalization

Index of Names and Authors and Index of Subjects


*no longer in print