Research Papers

Does Practice Make Perfect: An Empirical Analysis of Learning-by-Doing in Cardiac Surgery.
Current Status: Under Review
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Does the Market Punish Aggressive Experts: Evidence from Cesarean Sections. (Joint with David Dranove)
Current Status: May 2008
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Paying a Premium on your Premium? Consolidation in the Private Health Insurance Industry. (Joint with Leemore Dafny and Mark Duggan)
Current Status: Research in Progress; To be uploaded soon

The Substance of Style: A Study of Practice Styles of Ob/Gyn Practice Specialists in Florida. (Joint with David Dranove and Hayagreeva Rao)
Current Status: Aug 2006; Undergoing major revision

The Effect of Malpractice Litigation on Demand: Evidence from Cesarean Sections. (Joint with David Dranove and Yasutora Watanabe)
Current Status: Research in Progress

Ph. D. Dissertation: “Empirical Studies on the Organization of Health Care.”
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