Steven Lippman

George W. Robbins Chair in Management

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Dr. Lippman's research interests include traditional management science/operations research topics such dynamic programming, queuing optimization, inventory theory, and game theory.  He is best known for his work in the economics of search, having authored a paper that is considered a standard reference in the field and that has received hundreds of citations since its publication in Economic Inquiry in 1976.  He has published three books on statistics, the economics of search, and the economics of information.

Dr. Lippman currently studies and teaches negotiation analysis to executives as well as undergraduate and graduate students.  He has served on the UCLA Graduate Council and the Committee on Academic Personnel (the committee which oversees all appointments and promotions on the UCLA campus).  Dr. Lippman served as president of the Association of Directors of Doctoral Programs in Business from 1997-98.  In addition to major committee service, he also has assumed major administrative roles.  He directed the Doctoral program in 1975-1978, and from 1995-1999.  He joined UCLA in 1967 and became the youngest faculty member ever to receive tenure at UCLA Anderson.


Ph.D. Operations Research, 1968, Stanford University
M.S. Statistics, 1967, Stanford University
B.A. Economics and Statistics, 1964, UC Berkeley


Negotiation Analysis
  • Sushil Bikhchandani, Steven A. Lippman, and Reade Ryan. (2005). On the Right of First Refusal. Advances in Theoretical Economics, Berkeley Electronic Press, vol. 5, 1194-1194. [ Link ]
  • Steven A. Lippman, and Reade Ryan. (2005). Optimal Exit from a Deteriorating Project with Noisy Returns. Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, vol. 19, 327-343.
  • Manel Baucells, and Steven A. Lippman. (2004). Bargaining with Search as an Outside Option: The Impact of the Buyer's Future Availability. Decision Analysis, vol. 45, 54-65.