Phillip Leslie

Associate Professor


Phillip is an economist with expertise in strategic management, data analytics, demand pricing and information disclosure. His work on pricing has examined how firms can implement practical pricing strategies for segmenting customers. Much of this work has been in the context of event ticketing, making Phillip a leading expert on ticket pricing.

Phillip has also written a series of papers on information disclosure as a policy tool. For example, in one study he shows that restaurant hygiene grade cards caused a 20% decrease in the number of people admitted to hospital with food-related illnesses. Another study shows that consumers at Starbucks reduced calorie purchases by 6% due to calorie posting on the menus.

In other research, Phillip has written about managerial incentives in private equity, consumer boycotts, inspection design and the behavior of inspectors, and the returns to education. His research is published in the American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics and Review of Economic Studies, among others. Phillip is a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Phillip was awarded the UCLA Anderson MBA best teacher in 2013 and he is an experienced executive education teacher, working closely with clients ranging from eBay to Westfield. Phillip is a startup advisor and co-founder of Hazel Analytics that produces Hazel Analytics food safety scores.

Phillip is currently on leave from UCLA and working at Amazon.


Ph.D. Economics, 1999, Yale University
M.Phil. Economics, 1996, Yale University
M.A. Economics, 1994, Yale University
M. Comm. Economics, Honors 1993, University of Melbourne
B. Comm. Economics, First Class Honors 1991, University of Melbourne