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The Modern Advertising Agency Selection Contest: The case for Stipends to New Participants   (with Dan Horsky and Sharon Horsky), Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming. 2016.


Consumer Preferences for Annuities: Beyond NPV (with Suzanne Shu and John Payne), Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming. 2015.


Optimal selling strategies when buyers name their own prices, Quantitative Marketing and Economics 13(2): 135-171. 2015.

Pay What You Want as a Marketing Strategy in Monopolistic and Competitive Markets (with Klaus Schmidt and Martin Spann), Management Science 61(6): 1217-1236. 2015.

The hesitant hai gui: return-migration preferences among US-educated Chinese scientists and engineers (with Ryan Kellogg), 2013, Journal of Marketing Research 50(5), 644-663.

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·    covered by: Nature


Vertical Differentiation with Variety-Seeking Consumers (with Raphael Thomadsen), 2012, Management Science, 59(2), 390-401.


A reflection on analytical work in marketing: three points of consensus (with Thomadsen, Mayzlin, Orhun, Pazgal, Purohit, Rao, Riordan, Shin, Sun, and Villas-Boas), 2012, Marketing Letters 23 (2) 381–89.


Optimal Reverse-Pricing Mechanisms (with Martin Spann and Gerald Haubl) , 2010 Marketing Science 29(6),  1058-1070.

·       Erratum to Optimal reverse-pricing mechanisms (with Martin Spann and Gerald Haübl), Marketing Science 34(2): 297-299. 2015.

·       covered by UCLA Anderson Video Insights



Statistical benefits of choices from subsets (with Peter Lenk), 2009, Journal of Marketing Research 46(4), 816-831.


Commitment in sequential auctioning: advance listings and threshold prices , 2009, Economic Theory 38(1), 187-216.


Strategic Bid-Shading and Sequential Auctioning with Learning from Past Prices. , 2007, Management Science 53 (9), 1510-1519. Technical Appendix


Optimal Selling in Dynamic Auctions: Adaptation versus Commitment , 2007, Marketing Science , 26 (6), 859-867.


Forward-looking bidding in online auctions , 2006, Journal of Marketing Research 43(3), 462-476.

·  covered by Capital Ideas (December 2006) as Strategic Bidding on Ebay: Are Online Auction Sites a Buyer's or Seller's Market?

·  covered by Business POV (January 2007) as Winning by Losing: A U of C Professor's Approach to Bidding on eBay

·  covered by U.S. News & World Report (12/20/2006) as EBay Or Not To eBay?


Bayesian Analysis of Multivariate Normal Models when Dimensions are Absent (with Peter Lenk), 2006 Quantitative Marketing and Economics 4(3), 241-265 .


Economics, Psychology, and Social Dynamics of Consumer Bidding in Auctions (with Cheema,Popkowski Leszczyc, Bagchi, Bagozzi, Cox, Dholakia, Greenleaf, Pazgal, Rothkopf, Shen and Sunder), 2005 Marketing Letters 16(3 - 4), 401-13.


Forecasting New Product Trial in a Controlled Test Market Environment, with Bruce Hardie and Peter Fader, Journal of Forecasting, 22 (2003), 391-410.


Working papers


An efficiency ranking of markets aggregated from single-object auctions (with Eric Budish) , August 2011, working paper.

·  this paper supercedes and combines: Sequential Auctions with Information about Future Goods (Zeithammer) with Sequencing and Information Revelation in Auctions for Imperfect Substitutes: Understanding eBay's Market Design (Budish)


Robert Zeithammer, Anderson School of Management , University of California Los Angeles
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