Seminars 2014-2015



Spring Quarter 2015

March 30:         Ariel Pakes, Harvard University - "Moment Inequalities for Multinomial Choice with Fixed Effects" **Held in Entrepreneurs Hall, Room C.301

Future seminars to be announced.


Winter Quarter 2015

January 9:       Stijn M.J. van Osselaer, Cornell University - "The Handmade Effect: What's Love Got to Do with It?"

January 16:     Anja Lambrecht, London Business School - "Show You Target Early Trend Propagators? Evidence from Twitter"

January 27:     Bart Bronnenberg, Tilburg UniversityFebruary 6:     Andrey Fradkin, Stanford University - "Search Frictions and the Design of Online Marketplaces"

February 13:   Elisabeth Honka, University of Texas at Dallas - "Simultaneous or Sequential? Search Strategies in the U.S. Auto Insurance Industry"

February 17:   Laura Lasio, Toulouse - "Delisting Pharmaceuticals from Insurance Coverage: Effects on Consumption, Pricing and Expenditures in France"

February 20:   Eesha Sharma, Dartmouth - "The Restorative Hypothesis: Why a Dollar Saved Is not a Dollar Earned"

February 23:   Thomas Quan, Minnesota - "Product Variety, Across-Market Demand Heterogeneity, and the Value of Online Retail"

Fall Quarter 2014

September 26: Maria Ana Vitorino, University of Minnesota - "Advertising, Consumer Awareness and Choice: Evidence from the U.S. Banking Industry"

October 3:         Nina Mazar, University of Toronto - "Pain of Paying -- A Metaphor Gone Literal: Evidence from Neurobiology and Behavioral Decision Making"

October 7:         Lalin Anik, Duke University - "Contingent Match Incentives Increase Donations"

October 17:       Xing Li, Stanford University - "Product Offerings and Product Line Length Dynamics"  **Held in Entrepreneurs Hall, Room C.303

October 31:       Hui Li, University of Pennsylvania  - "Intertemporal Price Discrimination with Complementary Products: E-Books and E-Readers"

November 7:    Stephanie Tully, NYU - "Making Your Discretionary Money Last: Financial Constraints Increase Preference for Material Goods by Focusing Consumers on Longevity"

November 7:    Katja Seim, University of Pennsylvania - "Drip Pricing When Consumers Have Limited Foresight: Evidence from Driving School Fees"  ** Held in Gold Hall, Room B.301, 3:30-5:00pm

November 10:  Yufeng Huang, Tilburg University - "Learning by Doing and the Demand for Advanced Products"

November 14:  Oystein Daljord, Stanford University - "Commitment, Vertical Contracts and Dynamic Pricing of Durable Goods"  **Held in Entrepreneurs Hall, Room C.303

November 21:  Dan Schley, Ohio State - "Assessing 'Economic Value': Symbolic-Number Mappings Predict Risky and Riskless Valuations"

December 5:    Geoffrey Fisher, Caltech - "Intertemporal Discount Rates Are Mediated By Relative Attention" & "The Multi-Attribute Attentional Drift Diffusion Model of Consumer Choice"

Spring Quarter 2014

5/9-5/10: 2014 Marketing Camp

All seminars will be held in Cornell Hall, Room D.310 from 1:30-3:00pm (unless otherwise noted). For additional information, please contact us