Seminars 2013-2014



All seminars are on Friday, 3:15-5pm in Cornell Hall, Room D-301 unless otherwise noted:

Winter Quarter 2014:

Week 1 (1/10): Cassie Mogilner, The Wharton School
"Happiness from Ordinary and Extraordinary Experiences"

Week 2 (1/17): Guillermo Marshall, Northwestern University
"Search and Wholesale Price Discrimination"

Week 3 (1/24): Brett Hollenbeck, University of Texas at Austin 
"The Spread of Horizontal Chains: Efficiency or Market" 

Week 4 (1/31): Fernando Luco, Northwestern University 
"Switching Costs and Competition in Retirement Investment"

Week 5 (2/7): Paul Ellickson, University of Rochester
"Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models in Continuous TIme with an Application to Retail Competition

Spring Quarter 2014:

Seminars to be announced.


Fall Quarter 2013

Week 1 (10/11): Hema Yoganarasimhan, UC Davis
"The Value of Reputation in an Online Freelance Marketplace"

Week 2 (10/18): Zoey Chen, Georgia Tech
"Temporal Contiguity and Negativity Bias In the Impact of Online Word-of-Mouth"

Week 3 (10/25): Andrew White, Arizona State 
"The Effectiveness of Reciprocity Appeals in Economic Booms and Busts"

Week 4 (11/1): Clarence Lee, Harvard
"Designing Freemium: a Model of Consumer Usage, Upgrade and Referral Dynamics"

Week 5 (11/8): Ed O'Brien, University of Michigan
"Too Much Experience: A Desensitization Bias in Emotional Perspective Taking"

Week 6 (11/14): Cathy Yang, Columbia Business School
"Incentive-Compatible Preference Measurement with Boundedly Rational Consumers"

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