Raphael Thomadsen

Assistant Professor

Phone: (310) 794-2100



Raphael Thomadsen's research, which has appeared in leading marketing and economics journals, focuses primarily on the link between firms' product offerings and pricing strategies. Specifically, much of his research studies how competition, as moderated through product differentiation, affects prices. This relationship between pricing and competition then has implications for optimal product offerings, which has been the topic of several follow-up papers. In addition to examining how firms should position their products, Prof. Thomadsen's research reveals surprising results from the interplay between competition and pricing, such as the fact that a firm's profits can increase even with the introduction of other competing products to the market. More recently, Prof. Thomadsen's research has focused on how retailers set their assortments and how marketing mix decisions made by retailers – including the mix of products the retailer offers – affect consumer choices.

Before joining the UCLA Anderson faculty, Professor Thomadsen taught at Columbia Business School.

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Ph.D. 2001, Stanford University
A.M. 1996, Stanford University
B.A. 1994, University of Wisconsin


Pricing, Pricing Strategies, Geographic Competition, Applied Game Theory
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Working Papers

R. Thomadsen (October 2012). "The Impact of Switching Stores on State Dependence in Brand Choice." [ Link ]

M. Hwang and R. Thomadsen (May 2012). "When Push Comes to Shelf: How Point-of-Sale Marketing Mix Impacts National-Brand Purchase Shares" [ Link ]

R. Thomadsen, A. Pazgal & D. Soberman. (July 2012). "Location Choice and Profit-Increasing Entry." [ Link ]

A. Pazgal, D. Soberman & R. Thomadsen (August 2012). Profit-Increasing Consumer Exit. [ Link ]

Columbia-UCLA-Duke Workshop on Quantitative Marketing