Andres Terech

Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing


Andres Terech is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing at UCLA Anderson School of Management.  From 1997 to 2009, Professor Terech was a member of the faculty at IAE Business School, Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he taught MBA students and Executive Programs.  He received his Ph.D. in Marketing from UCLA, an MBA from Universidad Austral and holds a BA in Business Administration from Universidad de Buenos Aires. 

Professor Terech’s primary research interests include modeling consumer choice behavior and competitive market structure. His current work focuses on studying the consideration stage of the consumer brand choice process.  He has a special interest in marketing issues related to pricing, franchising and retailing. In 2007, he founded the Latin American Franchising Research Council (CLIF).

He teaches courses in pricing and marketing strategy, marketing analysis and frameworks, retail management, and marketing management.  He has also taught executives seminars at different business schools in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.

Professor Terech’s consulting experience covers several marketing challenges such as new product launches, marketing plans and growth strategies, promotion and communication programs, and feasibility analysis.  He has advised clients in a variety of industries, including retailing, agribusiness, financial services, textile, and automobile.  Before becoming an academic, he worked for Accenture.

Professor Terech’s work has been published in scholarly journals and specialized business publications such as Marketing Letters and Harvard Business Review.


Ph.D. Marketing, 2004, UCLA Anderson School of Management
MBA 1997, IAE Business School, Universidad Austral
B.A. Business Administration, 1994, Universidad de Buenos Aries


Marketing Analysis and Frameworks, Marketing Strategy, Price Policies, Retail Management, Marketing Management
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Working Papers

“Franquicias al Diván”, Harvard Business Review, Edición América Latina, under review.

“Modeling Consideration and Choice in the Case of Consumer Durables: It is a 50/50 Split,” (with, Randolph E. Bucklin and Jorge Silva-Risso)

“Modeling Spatial Correlation in Consideration Set Membership.”