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Company, Competition, Customers:

Launching the Nintendo Wii  

Success of the Nintendo Wii strategy

Competitive intelligence through corporate spies


Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning:

Best Buy selects targets based on profitability

Descriptions of Best Buy segments

Subtle symbols to reach targeted groups

Targets in fast food advertising

Re-positioning beer as sophisticated


Product & branding:

Crazy brand extensions

Good and bad brand extensions

Product design with target in mind: the TiVo remote control

Tropicana's big mistakes in packaging



Great overview of price setting

Secrecy and experimentation in pricing


Distribution strategy:

Pepsi takes control of bottlers

Compaq's transition to online sales



In-depth look at guerilla and buzz marketing

Barbie placement in the Toy Story movies

Product placement tracking website

Product placement in TV: 30 Rock

Apple vs PC ad campaigns



Test your intuition - can you figure out the target and positioning for these specific commercials?

Burger King




Campbell's soup

Microsoft Gates & Seinfeld

Microsoft I'm a PC

Microsoft vomit girl  (warning: disgusting)



Company, Competition, Customers:

Blue Ocean Strategy

Porter's Competitive Strategy

Discipline of Market Leaders

Competing for the Future


Targeting and Positioning:

 The Marketing Gurus: Lessons from the Best Marketing Books of All Time

 Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

 Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

 Crossing the Chasm

 Inside the Tornado


Implementing Strategy:

 Made to Stick

 Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

 Building Strong Brands