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Appointments & Affiliations
Howard Noble Professor of Management in the Anderson School at UCLA
Professor, Department of Public Policy
Professor, Department of History
Co-Editor, Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal

UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Program

Recent Books
The Embedded Corporation: Corporate Governance and Employment Relations in Japan and the United States (Princeton University Press, 2005; Toyo Keizai 2005)
Employing Bureaucracy: Managers, Unions, and the Transformation of Work in the Twentieth Century, Revised Edition (Erlbaum Associates, Spring 2004)

Recent Papers and Publications
"Finance and Labor: Perspectives on Risk, Inequality, and Democracy," 2009.
"Convergence by Design: The Case of CalPERS in Japan," August 2006.
"Institutional Change in Japan and the United States," July 2006.
"Japan's Alternative Economics," Le Monde Diplomatique, June 2006.
"Look Who's in the Passing Lane"International Herald Tribune, 16 March 2006.
"Business and Society In Japan and the United States", working paper, July 2005.
"Japan is back ... with China," Chicago Tribune, May 25, 2005
"Corporate Governance, Risk, and Inequality in Japan and the United States,"Challenge: The Magazine of Economic Affairs, vol. 48, July-August 2005.
"CalPERS and the Corporate Governance Wars," Sacramento Bee December 17, 2004.
" Economic Ideas and the Labor Market: Origins of the Anglo-American Model and Prospects for Global Diffusion," working paper, November 2004
" Corporate Organization in Japan and the United States: Is There Evidence of Convergence?", with E. Nason and K. Saguchi, working paper, July 2004.
" Labor Mobility in a Federal System: The United States," with M. Finkin, working paper, April 2004.
"The Role of the Senior HR Executive in Japan and the United States: Employment Relations, Corporate Governance, and Values," with E. Lau and K. Saguchi, Industrial Relations (forthcoming).
"Social Science in Japan, Europe, and the United States," Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal (forthcoming).

"Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility in Japan and the United States," Remarks for the Doshisha-UCLA Conference on Global Business in the 21st Century, Kyoto, November 2002.

"Mean and Variance," from review symposium on Working in America by P. Osterman, T.A. Kochan, M. Piore, and R.M. Locke, Industrial & Labor Relations Review, 2002.
"For More Honesty with Stock Options," Christian Science Monitor, 29 July 2002.
"Corporate Governance in Comparative Perspective: Prospects for Convergence" - 22 Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, published Fall 2002.
"The Effect of Employer Networks on Workplace Innovation and Training" - with Christoper L. Erickson, 56 Industrial & Labor Relations Review, (January 2003), 203-223.
"Employee Representation and Corporate Governance: A Missing Link" - Univ. of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law, Spring 2001.
"Risk and the Labor Market: Societal Past as Economic Prologue" in I. Berg and A. Kalleberg, eds., Sourcebook of Labor Markets: Structures and Processes, Plenum Press, (2001), 31-60.
"Unnatural Extinction: The Rise and Fall of the Independent Labor Union" 40 Industrial Relations (July 2001), 377-404.
"Are Career Jobs Headed for Extinction?" and "Reply: Premature Reports of Demise" California Management Review, 42 (Fall 1999), 123-145 and 168-179.
Modern Manors: Welfare Capitalism since the New Deal (Princeton University Press, 1997; Hokkaido University Press 1999.

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