Data Mining: More Information

Technical Information

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Resources - Great starting point for any data mining research.

Beyond SQL Queries: Other Tools for Information Retrieval and Analysis - Discusses data mining in context of other data analysis tools.

Data Mining: the search for Knowledge in Databases - Discusses data mining generally and provides details on specific research project.

Decision Support Systems - Describes technical research on data modeling systems.

QUEST Data Mining Project - Describes IBM research and provides links to data mining sources.

UCLA Data Mining Laboratory Home Page - Describes applications and research on data mining at UCLA.

Data Warehouse - Large site providing links to data warehouse sources. Good starting point for data warehouse research.


Data Mining and Database Marketing - Describes data mining and database marketing applications and provides good links to other information sources.

An Overview of Data Mining at Dun & Bradstreet - Describes data mining implementation at Dun and Bradstreet.


Data Mining: Advanced Scout - Describes the Advanced Scout data mining product for the NBA.

IBM Intelligent Miner For AIX - Good description of data mining and the Intelligent Miner product.

IDIS: What is Data Mining? - Provides comprehensive discussion of data mining and Information Discovery products.

Teradata DBS - Provides information on NCR's Teradata database software product.


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