Information Technology in Business Schools: A View Toward the Future


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Information Technology in Business Schools: A View Toward the Future


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Stages Of Technological Introduction

Where are our business schools today?

Annual UCLA Survey of Business School Computer Usage a 15 year perspective

Stages Of Technological Introduction at Business Schools

Student Computer Ownership

Stages Of Technological Introduction at Business Schools

What about the future? What will technological evolution mean for our schools and universities?

We don't know what new social forms will emerge

Defining an “Age” as Principle Source of GNP

When did the organization forms which we consider “optimal” for each age appear?

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What will motivate our institutions to change?

Strategy 101 Business Drivers Model and Five Forces at Work

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Information Technology Moore’s Law and what it means for us!

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Imagine a high end workstation, slung over your shoulder like a slim handbag, connected to the billions of resources available on the Internet, supporting instant multimedia communications anywhere on the planet.

Moore’s law says its only a few years away!!!



Content (education software in particular)

Such tools make it not just possible, but inevitable, that education of the future will be different than it is today

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Fundamental Premise of Education Today

The information technology productivity paradox.

no productivity gains

What, if anything, do we need to do different to get value from our investments in this technology?

If teachers continue to teach the same way, using the old approaches and evaluation techniques, will having a fully networked environment make any difference?

If students continue to approach the educational experience the same way, using the old tools and techniques, will having a PAD make any difference?

Alternative Teacher/Student Environments

The Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA A Technology Mediated Learning Environment

Learning Communities

“The picture of distance learning wherein each person studies alone, from their own home, supported by a personal computer and desk videophone, is wrong! Online learning in the future will emphasize community much more than is imagined today.”

Future Schools

Some Options

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Our Challenge

Our universities and business schools won’t always be the way they are today!

How are we going to participate in their evolution?

A View Toward The Future: what should we do more of and what should we stop doing?



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