Jason Frand 

Assistant Dean and Director, Retired

The Anderson School’s Integrated Library and Computing Organization


We live in an age when the amount of information -- both in print and on-line --  is expanding exponentially.  Hundreds of new specialized journals and books are being published monthly, while at the same time, thousands of new Web sites are added to the Internet daily.  To deal with this information saturated environment, there is a need for innovative and useful information management tools.  A major challenge to our Anderson School faculty, students, and staff is locating, creating, evaluating, classifying, storing, retrieving, and integrating information.  This information occurs as textual, graphical, numerical, and audio-visual, on electronic media as well as in our minds.

Anderson Computing and Information Services (ACIS) was created in July, 1997, as a vehicle to better respond to our users information needs.  ACIS is a unified information support organization which evolved from the merger of the former Management Library and Computing Services organizations.  ACIS provides an array of computer, communication, and information resources, tools, and services to support each individual's personal information management requirements.

To meet our user needs, the ACIS organization is conceptualized as three interdependent activity centers, each interacting with our user community: Information Access, Virtual Infrastructure, and Physical Infrastructure.

I began as director in 1980 and became an assistant dean in 1993. I have overall responsibility for the School's investments in computer, communication, and information technologies, and the support organization which is the "super glue" holding everything together.   In 1985, I began a dialog between the Management Library (the information repository) and Computing Services (the information delivery systems).  In July 1997, a new organizational structure, Anderson Computing and Information Services (ACIS), emerged from the two former groups. We focus on a common mission: to provide professional, high-quality information support services.

Achieving superior customer satisfaction is the primary goal of ACIS. We are proud to have earned a reputation as one of the finest service support groups at UCLA. This is the direct result of a highly committed staff willing to work the extensive hours needed to solve problems. The ACIS management team focuses on recruiting highly skilled individuals and building an effective organization. In addition to the services provided within the School, our work has resulted in receiving equipment grants of over $7.8 million, supplemented by purchases agreements in excess of $6 million.   The ACIS comprehensive budget exceeds $3.5 million, with funds provided by School, University library, and student computer fee.

I was very privilegede to work with people who enjoyed "defining the future" as we strive to understand and meet the challenges of integrating computer, communication, and information technologies into our lives.  My time at Anderson Computing and Information Services was my "trip to the moon" and I was extremely pleased upon my retirement in September, 2006, that our effort to created a integrated information service is being continued.

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You can reach me via email at jason.frand@anderson.ucla.edu.

created January 25, 1999
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