Interdisciplinary Group in Behavioral Decision Making

The interdisciplinary research group in Behavioral Decision Making was formed in 2003. Our purpose is to draw together scholars with diverse disciplinary backgrounds and shared research interests in the behavioral analysis of judgment and decision making.

In so doing, we hope to foster greater communication and more frequent collaboration among participants. Toward that end, we sponsor a research seminar series that meets from 12:15-1:30pm on the second and fourth Fridays of each month during the academic year, promulgate a working paper series, and provide curriculum advice to doctoral students. We welcome participation from all interested faculty and students from UCLA and neighboring institutions.

Co-chairs: Shlomo Benartzi
, Craig Fox.

Behavioral Decision Making article, Assets Magazine, Fall 2009

Join us for the next BDM Colloquium:

December 4, 2015 | 12:15-1:30 pm | Cornell Hall - D307
Jane Risen 
| University of Chicago Booth School of Business
"Believing What We Don't Believe: Acquiescence to Superstitious Beliefs and Other Powerful Intuitions"

If you would like to meet with Jane before or after her talk, contact: | 310-825-2881
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Fall 2015 Schedule

October 16
Paul Slovic 
| Decision Research and University of Oregon 
"When (In)Action Speaks Louder than Words: The Collapse of
Humanitarian Values in Foreign Policy Decisions"

October 23 | Collins Center - A201
Craig McKenzie 
| UC San Diego Rady School of Management 
"Compared to What? Implicit Comparisons in Judgment and Choice"

November 13
Yaacov Trope 
| New York University 
"Expansive and Contractive Mental Horizons"

December 4
Jane Risen 
| University of Chicago Booth School of Business 
"Believing What We Don't Believe: Acquiescence to
Superstitious Beliefs and Other Powerful Intuitions"

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Spring 2015 Schedule

April 17
Chip Heath
 | Stanford University
"Defining Moments"

May 1
Klaus Wertenbroch
"Judging Good Taste: True Preference or Pretense?"

May 22
Uma R. Karmarkar
 | Harvard Business School
"Choosing Without Knowing: Asymmetric Effects of Favorable
and Unfavorable Information in Uncertain Decisions"

Winter 2015 Schedule

January 9
George Loewenstein 
| Carnegie Mellon University 
"Moving Beyond Nudging: Behavioral Economics and
Health Insurance"

January 23
Devin Pope 
| University of Chicago
"Bid Takers or Market Makers? The Effect of Auctioneers
on Auction Outcomes"

February 6 | Co-sponsored by UCLA School of Law
Adam Galinsky 
| Columbia University
"When Hierarchy Wins and When It Kills"

February 20 | Co-sponsored by Management & Organizations
William Maddux 
"A Moveable Feast: How Transformational Cross-Cultural
Experiences Affect Psychological and Organizational Performance"

Fall 2014 Schedule

October 3
Derek J. Koehler 
| University of Waterloo 
"Giving Up and Chickening Out"

October 17
Kelly Goldsmith 
| Northwestern University
"Examining the Psychological Consequences of Exposure
to Reminders of Resource Scarcity"

November 7
Maya Shankar 
| White House Office of Science &
Technology Policy

"Building a Bridge Between Academic Research and the Federal Government:
Lessons Learned from a Case Study Launching the White House Social and
Behavioral Sciences Team"

December 5
Sunita Sah 
| Georgetown University
"Effective Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest"

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Interdisciplinary Group in Behavioral Decision Making