Curriculum Vitae

(as of September 16, 2004)

UCLA Office:
UCLA Anderson School of Management, Room C-408
University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481
Phone: 310-825-6118; Fax: 310-206-8404; e-mail:

10725 Cranks Road, Culver City, CA 90230
Phone: 310-559-9307 or 310-836-7536; Fax: 310-836-7328

Birth Date: October 31, 1939

B.A.E.  1961  Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, Aeronautical Engineering
M.B.A. 1963 University of Washington, Seattle, Washington Business Administration
Ph.D. 1968 The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois Finance, Statistics, Economics

Work Experience:
1961-64 The Boeing Company, Seattle and New Orleans, Aeronautical Engineer
1968-73 Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Assistant and Associate Professor
1973-75    European Institute for Advance Studies in Management, Brussels, Belgium, Professor
1975-76 Centre d'Enseignement Superiéure des Affaires, Jouy-en-Josas, France, Professeur Associé
1976-  University of California, Los Angeles, Anderson Graduate School of Management (AGSM), Professor of Finance, Allstate Chair from 1982-2002, Japan Alumni Chair, 2002-
1985-87 Goldman, Sachs & Co., New York, Vice-President and Director of Mortgage Securities Research
1985-  Roll and Ross Asset Management Corporation, Culver City, CA, Co-Chairman of the Board 
1992-95 WP Capital Management, Greenwich, CT, Managing Director
2002  Visiting professor, Univerité de Toulouse, France
2003-  Founder and Principal, Compensation Valuation, Inc.

Consulting or Similar Service to Civic, State or National Governmental Agencies:
1. Consultant, Interstate Commerce Commission, 1973. 
2. Consultant, Securities and Exchange Commission, 1979-80.
3. Consultant, United States Railway Association, 1979-81.
4. Consultant, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 1983.
5. Consultant, U.S. Information Agency, 1982.
6. Batterymarch Fellowship Selection Committee, 1989. 

Other Consulting Activity:
1. Consultant, Mellon Bank, 1972.  
2. Consultant, Pechiney, Ugine, Kuhlman, 1974.  
3. Consultant, McKenna and Fitting, 1977. 
4. Consultant, American Telephone and Telegraph Co., 1977-81. 
5. Consultant, Gottlieb, Locke and Leeds, 1978. 
6. Consultant, Morris and Campbell, 1978. 
7. Consultant, Occidental Petroleum, 1979. 
8. Consultant, Edper Equities, 1979. 
9. Consultant, Hogan and Hartson, 1980. 
10. Consultant, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 1980-85. 
11. Consultant, O'Melveny and Myers, 1981, 1985. 
12. Consultant, Irell and Manella, 1981. 
13. Consultant, Fulop and Hardee, 1982-83. 
14. Consultant, Morgan, Stanley, 1984. 
15. Consultant, Southern California Edison, 1984-86. 
16. Board of Directors, Dimensional Fund Advisors, 1984-85.
17. Scientific Advisory Board, Wells Fargo Investment Advisors, 1984-86
18. Board of Directors, UCLA Building Authority, 1984-86. 
19. Consultant, Sidley and Austin, 1985-88. 
20. Consultant, Davis, Polk, and Wardwell, 1986-87.
21. Consultant, JP Morgan, 1995-97.
22. Consultant, Freddie Mac, 2000-2002.
23. Consultant, AARP, 2002. 

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4. Chordia, T., R. Roll, and A. Subrahmanyam, Common Determinants of Liquidity and Trading Activity, Association for Investment Management Research, to appear in 2001.

Chapters in Books:
1. Farber, A., Roll, R. and Solnik, B., An Empirical Study of Risk Under Fixed and Flexible Exchange, Stabilization of the Domestic and International Economy, Brunner, K. and Meltzer, Allan H. (eds.), supplement to Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 5, 235-265, Amsterdam: North-Holland (1977).
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Courses Taught at UCLA:
Mgt. 213A Intermediate Probability and Statistics, Fall 1977, Fall 1978
Mgt. 213B Empirical Statistical Modelling, Winter 1989
Mgt. 230 Theory of Finance, 1979
Mgt. 232A Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Summer 1978, Fall, 1997
Mgt. 232B Fixed Income Markets, Spring 1988, Winter 1989, Spring 1995, Spring 1997, Spring 2001
Mgt. 233A Money and Capital Markets, Fall 1976, Winter 1977, Spring 1977, Fall 1978, Winter 1978, Spring 1980, Spring 1981
Mgt. 233B Financial Institutions, Fall 1976, Winter 1977, Winter 1981, Fall 1981, Spring 1984
Mgt. 234A International Financial Markets, Fall 1992, Spring 1993, Fall 1993, Fall 1994, Spring 1996, Spring, 1999, Fall, 1999, Spring 2000, Fall 2000, Spring 2002, Spring 2004.
Mgt. 239B Doctoral Seminar in Finance, Winter 1984, Winter 1985
Mgt. 239C Doctoral Course on Empirical Finance, Spring l978, Spring 1980, Spring 1981, Spring 1982, Spring 1983, Fall 1999, Spring 2002, Spring 2004

Chairmanships of Doctoral Committees:
1. James Scott, 1972, Columbia University, Professor
2. John Long, 1972, University of Rochester, Professor.
2. Michel Levasseur, 1975, Université de Lille, Professeur.
3. Nai-fu Chen, 1981, University of California, Irvine, Professor.
4. Ashok Korwar, 1982, Indian Institute of Management, Professor.
5. Peter Bossaerts, 1986, California Institute of Technology, Professor.
6. Aswath Damodaran, 1986, New York University, Professor.
7. Laura Field, 1996, Pennsylvania State University, Assistant Professor.
5. Rajesh Chakrabarti, 1999, Georgia Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor.
6. Pansy Lin, 2000, University of California, Riverside, Assistant Professor.
7. Shu Yan, 2000, University of Arizona, Assistant Professsor.
8. Belén Villalonga, 2001, Harvard University, Assistant Professor.
9. Amit Goyal, 2002, Emory University, Assistant Professor.
10. Laura Frieder, 2004, Purdue University, Assistant Professor.
11. Jason Hsu, 2004

Membership of Doctoral Committees:
1. Ramon Botas Vigon, Economics, 1978
2. Frederick Furlong, Economics, 1978
3. Robert Stillman, Economics, 1978
4. Michael Melvin, Economics, 1980
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13. Gordon Delianedes, 2000
14. Javier Biscarri, 2001
15. Shingo Goto, 2002
16. Selale Tuzel, 2004
17. Feifei Li, 2004

Awards and Honors:
1. Irving Fisher Award for the Best American Dissertation in Economics, 1968.
2. Third Prize, The Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance paper competition, 1980.
3. Second Prize, The Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance paper competition, 1983.
4. Distinguished Scholar Award, Eastern Finance Association, 1988.
5. Graham & Dodd Award for Best Financial Writing, Financial Analysts Federation, 1988 and 1990. 
6. Fellow of The Econometric Society, 1989. 
7. Leo Melamed Prize for outstanding scholarship by a business school Professor, 1990.
8. Doctor Honoris Causa, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany, 1995.
9. Doctor Honoris Causa, Université de Lille, France, 1998.
10. Distinguished Scholar Award, Southern Finance Association, 1999
11. Honorary Fellow of the European Institute for Advanced Study in Management, 1999.
12. Fellow of the American Finance Association, 2000
13. Fellow of the Financial Management Association, 2000
14. DFA/Fama Award for the best paper in the Journal of Financial Economics during 2000.
15. Roger F. Murray Prize, The Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance, 2001.
16. Nicholas Molodovsky Award for outstanding contributions to the profession, Association for Investment Management Research, 2002.

Contracts, Grants, Fellowships:
1. Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation, Economics of Asset Pricing, 1973.
2. Principal Investigator (with R. Geske), Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance, Option Pricing,  1982.
3. Principal Investigator, Columbia Center for the Study of Futures Markets,  Information Processing in the  Futures Market, 1983.
4. Principal Investigator, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Risk Management in Thrift Institutions, 1985-86.
5. Principal Investigator, Mid-America Institute for Public Policy Research, The International Crash of October, 1987.
6. Co-Principal Investigator, Association for Investment Management Research, Common Determinants of Liquidity, 2000.

Membership in Scholarly and Professional Societies:
1. Western Finance Association, 1971-present, Board of Directors, 1980-82
2. American Finance Association, 1972-present, Board of Directors, 1979-80, Vice-President, 1985, President-Elect, 1986, President, 1987
3. American Statistical Association, 1972-present
4. European Finance Association, 1975-present
5. Association Française de Finance, 1988-present

Editorial Service:
1. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Associate Editor, 1972-76.
2. Journal of the American Statistical Association, Associate Editor, 1973-77.
3. Journal of Financial Economics, Associate Editor, 1974-93.
4. Journal of Finance, Associate Editor, 1975-2000
5. Management Science, Associate Editor, 1978-79.
6. American Economic Review, Associate Editor, 1978-80, 1986-93.
7. Journal of International Money and Finance, Associate Editor, 1981-
8. Finance, (Journal of The French Finance Association), Associate Editor, 1982-
9. FINECO, (Finance Journal of French Canada), 1993-
Reviewer of manuscripts for all of the above journals plus Journal of Banking and Finance, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Journal of Empirical Finance, Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Business, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Journal of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, The Engineering Economist, European Economic Review, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, European Journal of Operations Research, Financial Management, Journal of Portfolio Management, Journal of Fixed Income, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

10. Editor of the International Library of Critical Writings in Financial Economics, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Academic Lectures:
Scholarly papers presented at Alabama, Alberta (Canada), Arizona, Aix-Marseilles (France), Banking Institute of China (Taiwan), Beijing Institute of Foreign Trade (China), Bergamo (Italy), Boston, Butaré (Burundi), British Columbia (Canada), California Berkeley, California Davis, California Irvine, California Riverside, California Santa Barbara, California State Fullerton, Carnegie-Mellon, Chicago, Colorado, Columbia, Dartmouth, Duke, École National d’Administration (Togo), Georgetown, Grenoble (France), Harvard, Hebrew (Jerusalem), Hong Kong Science and Technology, Illinois, Indiana, ISTCE Lisbon (Portugal), Kansas State, Karlsruhe (Germany), Konstanz (Germany), Lausanne (Switzerland), Laval (Quebec), Lille (France), London Business School, London School of Economics, Lugano (Switzerland), Mannheim (Germany), Massachussets Institute of Technology, McGill (Canada), Miami, Michigan, National Taiwan, National Sun-Yat Sen, (Taiwan), New York, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Otago (New Zealand), Ottawa (Canada), Paris Sciences-Po, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State, Princeton, Purdue, Queens (Canada), Rochester, Rutgers, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (China), Stanford, Southern Methodist, Southern California, Tasmania (Australia), Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Toledo, Toronto, Toulouse (France), Tulane, Utah, Victoria (New Zealand), Virginia Tech, Washington, Washington State, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Yale.

Lectures to Financial Organizations and Practitioner Audiences:
1. Institutional Investor Institute, Chief Investment Officers Roundtable, Boca Raton, Florida, November 1979.
2. Center for Research in Securities Prices, Chicago, Illinois, May 10, 1979.
3. Quantitative Discussion Group (Boston Financial Analysts), January 7, 1980.
4. Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance, Silverado (Napa Valley), April 29, 1980.
5. Institutional Investor Institute, Annual Pensions Conference, New York, January 9, 1981.
6. San Francisco Society of Security Analysts, San Francisco, February 17, 1981.
7. Financial Federation of Canada, Banff, Alberta, February 24-25, 1981.
8. Atlanta Society of Financial Analysts, Atlanta, June 24, 1981.
9. Financial Analysts Association, Wellington, New Zealand, August 20, 1982.
10. Investment Technology Forum, New York, April 21, 1983.
11. Investment Technology Forum and Security Analysts Society, Chicago, May 19, 1983.
12. Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance, Colorado Springs, October 11, 1983.
13. First Interstate Bancorp Seminar, December 7, 1983.
14. Wells Fargo Investment Advisors Client Conference, August 15, 1984.
15. Sponsored Lecture Tour to Francophone Africa on behalf of U.S. Information Agency.  Lectures (in French) on
a) The International Monetary System
b) Foreign Investment Risk;
To:  Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Finance, Malagasy Republic, Antananarivo, Madagascar, October 2-3, 1984; Ministry of Finance, Bujumbura, Burundi, October 9, 1984; Central bank of Rwanda, Kigali, Rwanda, October 11, 1984; Bank for African Development, Ministry of Finance, Lomé, Togo,  October 17-18, 1984.
16. Tax Policy, Innovation, and Capital Formation, Conference on High Technology, Bari, Italy, December 11-12, 1984.
17. Empirical Evidence on Takeover Activity and Shareholder Wealth, Columbia Law School Conference on Takeovers and Contests for Corporate Control, New York, November 13-15, 1985.
18. London Pension Fund Seminar, Goldman, Sachs & Co., London, U.K., February 6, 1986.
19. Conference on Buy-and-Write Mutual Funds, Goldman, Sachs & Co., New York, February 10, 1986.
20. Mortgage-Backed Securities Seminar, Ameritech, Chicago, February 21, 1986.
21. The Academic Invasion of Wall Street, Financial Analyst Federation Bond Seminar, New York, March 12, 1986.
22. Mortgage-Backed Securities: Current Issues and Research Targets, at the Berkeley Program in Finance Conference on Current Issues in Fixed Income Management, Lake Tahoe, March 16-19, 1986.
23. Collateralized Mortgage Obligations, Seminar on the Analysis of Securities Prices, C.R.S.P., Chicago, May 8, 1986.
24. Applying the Arbitrage Pricing Theory, State of Wisconsin, Public Service Commission (attended by all regulated utilities in Wisconsin), May 9, 1986.
25. Hedging Economic Risks, California Public Employees Retirement System Conference on Portfolio Management, Santa Monica, August 1986.
26. Portfolio Insurance, Collins Associates Client Conference, Los Angeles, September 5, 1986.
27. Valuing Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Institute of International Research Conference on Investing and Trading in Mortgage-Backed  Securities, Los Angeles, September 24-25, 1986.
28. Financial Theory in Practice, Conference Sponsored by Le Figaro and Politique Economique, Paris, October 9, 1986.
29. Future Prospects: CMOs and Other Developments in Mortgage-Backed Securities, Institutional Investor, Annual Fixed Income Conference, New York, October 30, 1986.
30. New Product Development and Considerations, The American Banker/Bond Buyer Conference on Investing in Mortgage-Backed Securities: Portfolio Strategies and Risk Management, New York, October 16, 1986; San Diego, November 17, 1986.
31. Mortgage-Backed Securities, Investment Technology Association, New York, November 20, 1986.
32. Floating Rate CMOs, Goldman, Sachs Conference for Fixed Income Investors, London, January 19, 1987.
33. Asset Allocation, Goldman, Sachs Conference for Portfolio Managers, Tokyo, February 2, 1987; Singapore, February 5, 1987; Hong Kong, February 6, 1987.
34. Mortgage Valuation Strategies, Investing and Trading in Mortgage- Backed Securities, Institute of International Research Conference, New York, February 24, 1987.
35. Mortgage Derivative Products, Mid-Winter Conference of S & L Executives, Park City, Utah, March 2, 1987.        
36. Research on Wall Street, Financial Analysts Federation Annual Bond Conference, New York, March 12, 1987.    
37. Mortgage-Backed Securities, Financial Analysts Federation, Philadelphia, May 11, 1987.
38. APT Factor Risk, Berkeley Program in Finance, Silverado, California, September 14, 1987.
39. Innovations in Asset-Backed Securities, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Annual Conference for Foreign Central Bankers, New York, October 16, 1987.
40. Capital Budgeting, International Institute of Research, San Diego, October 23, 1987.
41. The International Crash of October, 1987, Collins Associates Client Conference, Melbourne, Australia, April 18, 1988.
42. Canadian Mortgage Prepayments, Waterloo Conference on Mortgage- Backed Securities, Toronto, May 6, 1988.
43. The International Crash of October, 1987, UCLA Partners Program, Los Angeles, May 19, 1988.
44. The International Crash of October 1987, New Zealand Conference on the Crash and its Aftermath, Wellington, August 16, 1988.    45. Quantitative Risk Control, Boston Society of Security Analysts, October 7, 1988.
46. CMO Planned Amortization Classes, Capital Management Sciences 1988 Fixed Income Conference, La Quinta, CA, October 24, 1988.
47. Asset Securitization in the U.S. and Europe, Compagnie Bancaire, Paris, February 24, 1989.
48. Changing Risk Premia in the U.S. and Japan, Berkeley Program in Finance, April 4, 1989. 
49. Stock Market Volatility, Columbia Conference on Markets and Regulation, May 12, 1989.
50. Global Risk Management, Conference on Globalization of Financial Markets, Kuwait, October 7, 1989.   
51. Volatility and Regulation, Los Angeles Society of Security Analysts, March 28, 1990.
52. Industrial Structure and International Equities, International  Management Institute, Palm Beach, February 22, 1993; International Management Institute, Phoenix, April 30, 1993.   
53. Keynote Address, Financial Management Association, October 13, 1993.
54. Keynote Address, Pacific Capital Markets Finance Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia, July 7, 1994.
55. Style Investment Returns, University of Karlsruhe, Germany, July 7, 1995.
56. Keynote Address, Capital Markets Seminar, Securities and Exchange Board of India, Goa, August 26, 1995
57. Keynote Address, Northern Finance Association, Québec, September, 1996.
58. A Mean/Variance Analysis of Tracking Error, Institutional Investor Institute Annual Consultants’ Roundtable, Atlanta, September, 1996.
59. What Every CFO Should Know About Research in Finance Over the Last 25 Years, European Institute for Advanced Study of Management 25th Jubilee Symposium, Brussels, October, 1996.
60. A Mean/Variance Analysis of Tracking Error, Institutional Investor Institute Chief Financial Officers’ Conference, Washington, D.C., February, 1997.
61. Using Derivatives for Risk Reduction in Commercial Banks, Annual Conference, Asociación de Banqueros de México, Cancún, March, 1997.
62. Keynote Address, Asia/Pacific Finance Association Annual Meetings, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July, 1997.
63. Keynote Address, Annual Conference on Financial Theory, National Sun-Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, December, 1997.
78. Ce que chaque directeur financier devrait connaître des progrès scientifiques en finance : ce qui est connu et ce qui reste à découvrir, Lille, France, July, 1998.
79. Keynote Address, European Financial Management Association, Paris, June, 1999.
80. Keynote Address, International Finance Conference, Hamman-Sousse, Tunisia, March 2001.
81. Market Liquidity and Trading Activity, The Q-Group, Wesley Chapel, Florida, April 2001.
82. Facts about risk and return.  The Fields Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 24, 2001.