John W. Mamer

Professor in Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management

Phone: (310) 825-2562

Fax: (310) 825-1581

Cornell Hall, Room D-518


Professor Mamer has been a member of the faculty since 1981. He has served in the school in various administrative capacities, most recently as Interim Dean from 1997 to 1999. He also was Chairman of the faculty and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Professor Mamer specializes in applying math and computer science to problems in management, and also has developed large-scale models and software for production and distribution management for major U.S. corporations.


Ph.D. Business Administration, 1982, UC Berkeley
M.S. Business Administration, 1978, UC Berkeley
B.S. Mathematics, 1975, UC Davis
B.A. Economics, 1975, UC Davis


Applied Probability, Applied Optimization, Computer Science Applications, Game Theory, Logistics
  • John W. Mamer, and Stephen A. Smith. (December 2001). Inventory Policies for Sequences of Multi-Item Demands with No Backorders Permitted. Supply Chain Structures: Coordination, Information, and Optimization, J.S. Song, D. Yao (eds.).
  • John W. Mamer, and Richard D. McBride. (May 2000). A Decomposition Based Pricing Procedure for Large Scale Linear Programs: An Application to the Linear Multicommodity Flow Problem. Management Science, 46(5): 693-709. [ Link ]
  • Reza H. Ahmadi, and John W. Mamer. (September 1999). Routing Heuristics for Automated Pick and Place Machines. European Journal of Operational Research, 117(3): 533-552. [ Link ]
  • Richard D. McBride and John W. Mamer. (Spring 2004). Implementing an LU Factorization for the Embedded Network Simplex Algorithm. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 16(3): 109-119.
  • Steven A. Lippman and John W. Mamer. (2009). Sale of A Deteriorating Asset via Sequential Search. The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 9(1): Article 21. [ Link ]

Working Papers

John W. Mamer, and Richard D. McBride. (2002). "Solving the Undirected Multicommodity Flow Problem Using a Shortest Path Based Pricing Algorithm."

Research Papers